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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    sksmdk Guest
    Help... If my kid has upgrade my ps3, Org. BRdisk to of 3.56 and it has game on HD and has bin on CFW 3.55, can i put DH cfw and Iris manager an play games for my hd.

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    NTA Guest
    I think you are better off getting an old PS3 with 3.55 or below and switching the harddrives.

    The manager is hardly working so it wouldn't be worth your time.

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    dyceast Guest
    lol my brothers guttered, he waited for months because he was stuck on 3.56.. Then couldn't wait no more, and then updated to 3.7+... So so sad.

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    teesho Guest
    HeyManHRU do you have an answer?

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    3674347 Guest
    how to install this on 3.56 ofw?

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    snowhill2 Guest
    how to install this on 3.56 ofw.. first you must downgrade to 3.55 ofw!!

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    landon Guest
    you need a hardware flasher to install the JFW MA 3.56 in your 3.56 OFW PS3, there is no other way to do that.

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    Tosby Guest
    Thanks for the info!

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    saviour07 Guest
    I understand there are those who may be on 3.56 OFW, but my personal opinion is to update to 3.70+ OFW and wait for a CFW for that rather than use this.

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    landon Guest
    DemonHades said ( that there will not be a JFW DH 3.41 !! just the 3.56 MA version with more functions so game over for the 3.41.

    Demons with 356MA or to be installed

    First of all this thread is dedicated only for those interested in the recent DH JFW 356MA, the rest can abstain if they are so nice

    Explanatory notes for the team and especially me DemonHades Coordinator and Representative of JFW, I decided to leave the project JFW DH 341 (which has served as a base) to work only as the 356MA, which is more advanced what at first we thought when we long to share the news poster consoles users.

    I had a thorn in people with 35x base that they could not enjoy the JFW DH, which is why we go for all, and when we tell portodas is full support for 34x or 35x people.

    We recall again that the 356MA is not a beta, is a Custom 100% functional, does not depend on custom applications, but applications .. on .. that is why the Port of IrisMAnager356 is a prime example of everything and when I say everything is all! can be ported to 356MA.

    Re-emphasize also that users with less than 356 firmware not require welding or no flash, something that if they are on 356 or higher require.

    I would like all users who already have installed on your ps3 the 356MA (not JMB) either using Flash or normal mode should tell in this thread, more than anything for us to comment any bug to happen and so without much trouble to fix it.

    As an important note, NO ONE HAS GIVEN OR IF OUR CUSTOM BRICK. Do not use patches or other content of 355 predicted, there is no information of the 356 or the devwiki, so this work is 100% genuine ours.

    Neither kmeaw or hermes or upload Waninkoko backups.. and who is the manager does not custom... that as clarification for linking load a custom backups , a custom provides the ability to run code does not owner... NOTHING ELSE.

    So it is your decision if you want JFW DH, or come as you are

    Tools and addons that will be ported or already running:

    - 90% of the homebrew works (10% only requires port)
    -JMAB (xmb with design and organization of the new categories JFW)

    - MARNE:

    1saludo and we'll go on to explain that is what, to see if some devil makes us a pretty little signature for users with 356MA and not by the entire community of since this will be exclusively for you... So much for websites... friends who want to become wet fish!

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