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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    Apr 2005
    I have moved this to the main page now, and +Rep for the news HeyManHRU!

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    stdule Guest
    If you have a ps3 which was downgraded at 3:41 and you replace the HDD requires update 3:56 (error corrapted data-the same 3:56 or later) then use the DGF-file (modified 3.41pup) use the USB dongle create a folder: PS3> UPDATE> PS3UPDAT.PUP-modified 3.41pup and PS3 will worked again.. then downgrade to 3.40 end then update 3.55. This is a solution that can use the CFW 3:55 kmeaw.

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    master32820 Guest
    I think this is... still stupid and useless

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    sprianto97 Guest


    I try to update my PS3 use this update , why its corrupted ?? someone please tell me what's wrong with that. thanks

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    mmanolos Guest
    I agree, this is useless. Too much expectation for DH for nothing, it's like a joke. We need a dislike button...

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Dh fw custom keys :

    lv1-iv 14 8E 7A 25 1E C0 3A 2F A8 8E FC C1 3D 88 2D 4B
    lv1-key 96 2E 95 2E 25 23 63 22 FE 41 5F 6E AC 9D EC 6B B2 AD 93 CA 1F E6 B4 B8 2C 9A 21 51 0B E4 B7 6D

    lv2-iv 7E 90 80 02 65 79 51 53 BA B8 1C 5E 74 62 36 39
    lv2-key 08 29 87 6E 2B 9B AB 77 7F 57 10 DA BB 9A FC 86 51 0F A5 98 AC 98 05 6D CD 4F 7A 17 E6 8C C4 79

    From IRC:
    [dospiedra]	Dh fw custom keys :
    [dospiedra]	lv1-iv 14 8E 7A 25 1E C0 3A 2F A8 8E FC C1 3D 88 2D 4B
    [dospiedra]	lv1-key 96 2E 95 2E 25 23 63 22 FE 41 5F 6E AC 9D EC 6B B2 AD 93 CA 1F E6 B4 B8 2C 9A 21 51 0B E4 B7 6D
    [TehRuler]	Ok this is from dospiedra
    [TehRuler]	[+dospiedra] Dh fw custom keys :
    lv1-iv: 148E7A251EC03A2FA88EFCC13D882D4B
    lv1-key: 962E952E25236322FE415F6EAC9DEC6BB2AD93CA1FE6B4B82C 9A21510BE4B76D

    lv2-iv: 7E90800265795153BAB81C5E74623639
    lv1-pub: 625D1DF4C3264BBA9FC17A4437BA42591585A5ECCC6F3042DB 3A80CBBC0426DAF33549C537AA7782
    lv2-key: 0829876E2B9BAB777F5710DABB9AFC86510FA598AC98056DCD 4F7A17E68CC479

    app-iv: 20CF5F16EC9ABBD5ECEE9A957B4CD543
    app-pub: 71F46AC33FF89DF589A100A7FB64CEAC244C9A0CBBC1FDCE80 FB4BF8A0D2E66293309CB8EE8CFA95
    app-key: 6DEC0F32E7403B6302122678A8DB1B41EEAB9A8449CFBD241C 7FEAFEFD609094
    app-priv: 0010818ED8A666051C6198662C3D6DDE2CA4901DDC

    app-ctype: 0x12

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    landon Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by stdule View Post
    JFW 3.56 this CFW is for those users where they can not properly downgrade ps3 3:55> 3.41 (modified 3:56 pup) and are stuck on 3:56 (not possible to update-error corrupted data) if you are stuck 3.56 using jealbreak dongle and once downgrade ps3 to 3.40 and then update the 3:55 then install cfw 3.55 kmeaw.
    It's impossible, you'll lock your PS3 into factory mode doing this !!

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    Chuks Guest

    I am chuks.. pls I need help with my ps3 system. I don't know where to get a working cfw dat will work on mine cus it version 3.72 and i can't see pkg files on my xmb.

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    Denida Guest
    There is no CFW on 3.72 at this point, so you will either have to settle with ofw, wait or downgrade it...

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    teesho Guest
    i buy a new ps and it was on 3.56 and i use MinVerChk and the firmware base was also 3.56.

    do this CFW will be helpful?

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