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  1. #681
    mack100 Guest
    So you had it for 6 months. Good for you. Too bad it was worthless then and even more worthless now. Might just as well release it then and get some credit, help the scene...

  2. #682
    Chichan69 Guest
    Of course not, but imagine if you will 3 weeks down the line (I wish) JFW DH 3.41 drops like a bomb on the scene. Everything and maybe more is delivered...! I can wait more time as long as everything runs the way it was promised and intended. So far I think the community hasn't seen any signs of waivering as they continue to show pics and vids (as angry as people get thinking it's a cruel tease), which wouldn't make sense if they were scammers cause they don't blatantly ask for money on their site like other known scammers.

    I don't blame the anger, but at the same time when you add things up it just doesn't make sense. I'd say a large part of the scene are throwing negative input their way for a while now, but (lol) they keep releasing pics, vids, and now finally a release as unappealing as many find it. So if they're tricksters they must be retarded, because from all the input that's been going on for a while they should know by now the jig is up.

  3. #683
    niwakun Guest
    This can play backup games but it needs to re-locate the memory address to patch using PSGroove or Hermes payload for LV2 of 3.56. Someone can do it, but don't expect dean will do it.

    And you can play emulators on this one and any other homebrews. It's not really that useless anyway.

    If you badly want to play backups, just use a PKG fix. This one will not be needing a payload to play.

  4. #684
    IHM Guest
    I dont mean to be ungrateful, but why? what for...


  5. #685
    niwakun Guest
    For you, it is. But for someone who still in 3.56, this is great for them. Just be grateful that they released it.

    But as always, 3.41 is the thing that I want to see. Play PS1/PS2 backups on HDD and play 3.50-3.56 games without eboot patches and some goodies. But I wont get my hopes up on JFW3.41.

  6. #686
    Bartholomy Guest
    3.56 games? No thanks, i'm not interested. And well, if i need to upload my 25gb of original BD for prove i deserve my plugin (if this exploit ever exists) , waiting 1 week just for upload, well, enjoy 3.41JFW. I'm not interested

  7. #687
    IHM Guest
    We know what we are all waiting for, i'm in no rush though, there are just so many games to play i cant keep up, i'm just about to start uncharted, let alone 2 and 3, i just don't have the time.

    Took me a year to complete dead space lol, so by the time i've done uncharted new cfw should be out

  8. #688
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    I think some of you read that wrong - I believe the "development" of that took (6 -) 8 months, NOT that it was ready 8 months ago ... just bad translation IMO.

  9. #689
    natedogg20050 Guest
    one question, if we would patch those files with cex from 3.7.3 wouldn't we be able to downgrade from 3.7.3 to 3.5.6 ?

  10. #690
    dok2033 Guest
    hi all, i am a new, i love fair games = Devs VS Sony (sony dev my PS3, devs make her better)

    ok, i have a question: i am on 3.56 oFW & this is a 3.56 DHcFW.1st version, not interested to PSnet nor other modifications, can i try this one ?!! any advice & I'll be grateful ...

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