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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Damn... no 3.60+ games support?

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    jesterking1 Guest
    I wonder if this is all just a plot of world domination and revival of the old Franco regime. Damn Spaniards...

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    wwywong Guest
    So after all there crap demo this is what they come up with? What a shame! What is that for? A ofw3.56 user who want to play games that is make before 3.56? Oh that's really great news for them... For cfw3.55 ppl? Nothing. Can anyone remind me how many games were made inbetween 3.55 and 3.56? Is it like ah.. I know: ZERO? (Don't quote me on that cuz I don't really know)

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    This is only for people stuck on OFW 3.56! If you are already on 3.55 CFW (or lower) then this is useless and you don't need it.

    This is not the version with all the features they showed in the videos. That version has not been released yet (if it exists). If that version is released, it will be for 3.41 CFW.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well for any users on 3.56 OFW this is certainly good news. But it's really useless for anyone on 3.55 CFW (like SwordOfWar mentioned), I've lost all hope in JFW DH long ago so I'm not really disappointed.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 404 View Post
    Adrianc you "code'd" some pretty useless stuff yourself, remember your fake little bid for a decr. But that's besides the point, you might as well update to ofw instead of this (if you really want 3.56), at least than there's less of a chance of a brick.
    I think you are mistaking me for someone else, as I only code php and has nothing to do with the ps3 scene, my coding comment was to enlight the non-coder comunity. What I really dont know is what do you want to accomplish with your comment towards me...

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    Apr 2005
    Yep hehe, he probably thought you were adrianc... who apparently isn't as friendly with other developers due to his begging for PS3 Dev unit funding awhile back and not following through on his commitment in return.

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    bebi1506 Guest
    Can't we castrate and put this retard into jail for releasing this crap ?

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    Chichan69 Guest
    Hey guys, despite what most of you are thinking this gives me hope that JFWDH 3.41 is around the corner. I am pleased that so far, DemonHades seem to carry themselves well. Not taking the vindictive approach and trying to punish the community in retaliation for the negative feedback that most like to throw at them, like some others in the ps3 scene.

    I understand what most are feeling in anticipation for this great milestone in ps3 CFW development, but appreciate the time and juicy effort it takes to make such a thing possible. It's easier said than done, but please be patient everyone I have a strong feeling the prize is going to be worth the wait.

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    vcdking Guest
    No problems with your post... But do you know what's worse than over promising? Under delivering... DH has done both.

    This NON-CFW by DH is a massive flop. It would be more effective to try and focus.

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