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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    404 Guest
    Adrianc you "code'd" some pretty useless stuff yourself, remember your fake little bid for a decr. But that's besides the point, you might as well update to ofw instead of this (if you really want 3.56), at least than there's less of a chance of a brick.

    And as Adrianc said, it's not fake it's just useless garbage, quite similar to rebug cfw, just without the ability to EVER update your console to anything beside's ofw... (For 3.55- user's this will take ALLOT of functionality away, and it doesn't really provide anything useful....)

    Dh is such a famewhore... (Another dev had a pup like this but did not release it (AWILE AGO, THINK 3.60 Day's....) as you cannot downgrade or upgrade to a new cfw, your LOCKED INTO CFW 3.56)

    No they did this because they want fame yet can't build a 3.6+ pup and the scene want's more than 3.55, the only problem is that jfw 3.56 fw fail's... (And now not only do we see this is useless, but hopefully this will finally stop the "where is 3.70 cfw?" every other post) As others have said dh has been holding on to this for awhile (For some strange reason, assume what you want)

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    shinintendo Guest
    If you install this you will regret the rest of your (very short!) ps3 lifespan.

    What a useless cfw, It even stuck while trying to run multiman, buh.

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    bigo93 Guest
    So let me get this straight, after saying they will delay the release of their new cfw from the 1st October by two weeks, only to see no release even after that; another month later they release a cfw they made 8 months ago?!!

    What is he on? That info alone should tell people not to install this old cfw!

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    mossopinc Guest
    not what i was waiting for!!! seems useless

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    404 Guest
    Lol so let me get this straight they just compiled the source code graff released FOREVER AGO and this is somehow new?

    "Attached to this package is an updated application to extract the nodes of a dump of lv1 is an update of the application made by Graf Chokolo, now has support for versions 3.15, 3.41, 3.55 and 3.56 in one program. Useful to display the nodes extracted from your dump"

    Although maybe the fself support will be useful in reversing true blue?

    (I know some people who wouldn't mind a fw like jwh 3.56 (Locked in) if it had support for true blue game's and such....)

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Just checked, it seems almost every comments thank him, but none are asking questions... Now I'm wondering if those are fakes too ^^

    It seems to me that they had nothing on 1st October, but with all the hype, they quickly put together an old firmware with a few useless tweaks just to pretend they aren't fakes. Releasing this is probably even worse than releasing nothing! ^^

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    dyceast Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Styx1337 View Post
    its for users who stuck on 3.56 base, but 3.56 JFW CFW can't be installed over 3.56 OFW so you must downgrade first to 3.55 and then install it.
    OMG'D... If this is true, this release is pretty much useless..

    And the end user, will regret it!

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    elser1 Guest
    i will not be installing this.. these people are fools.. i am surprised that they released it anyway.. good to see i guess

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Why complain ? Be thankful that it is for people with 3.56 who cannot downgrade to 3.55 or 3.41.

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    hitmancn47 Guest
    I wanna say thanks to every one who helped in finishing this CFW.

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