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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    404 Guest
    I wouldn't touch this pup with a 10 foot pole, but at least there's been some progress... Also i am VERY disappointed, jfw 3.56 turned out to be a pretty big flop, where is the plugin manager and thegra (Also all it look's like there doing is starting OTHER PEOPLE'S app's on 3.56 (We already knew this was possible.. Also i don't see the built in backup manager they have been "working" on)

    Another problem i see here is how is this useful for people on 3.56 if they already have the new update man... -.- This firmware is fail unless you have a flasher (to downgrade) i wouldn't even ATTEMPT INSTALLING THIS. Although this make's us ask the question if you have a flasher why not just flash 3.55 cfw in the first place with more features (And the ability to downgrade with software...)

    dev's had a 3.56 cfw month's ago... nothing new.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    If there's a God in the PS3 scene, please, take Dh out and bring back Hermes!

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I did tell you a month ago DH was just a fake, the cfw is actually not a fake but they released nothing! nothing is useful, nothing! hahahah

    When someone has something and they want to release it they even rush to get it out the door, this guy has months coding trash.

    Congrats DH, congrats, grow up and stick your head out of your rear...

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    404 Guest
    Well it appear's this is going to be worse than the wani. brick's, many "noob's" will just install this as it is newer ver before looking into it, there's 0 benefit to running this on 3.55 able ps3...

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    Natepig Guest
    With the latest news about the metldr exploit the future will probably be future firmwares having 3.55 features. Give it a couple of months and this firmware will be nothing but a memory.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I really can't understand, coding takes A LOT of time, and you wear out pretty fast after a couple of days, why on earth would someone code useless stuff? I ca'nt compute this hehheh really, I just can't understand these guys...

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    NTA Guest
    What is this, I don't even...

    Lol I don't know what to make of this though. I'm reading some negative things about it. I'm still doing fine in 3.55 so I'll just collect dust until a serious cfw comes out

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    giddeldan Guest
    EPIC FAIL 4 ps3 scene! if u install this thing u need a brain

    cant be serious this release

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    alwayshungry Guest
    Everybody stay the hell away from this, i'm begging you this in worse then (mw3 with no fix ever)!

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    spunkybunny Guest
    As they said "It was ready 8 months ago but we only released it now" WHY? To piss off the scene and make people hate you first? To make sure you lose all credibility for anything you say or do? To drag it out so long and hype up the joke of a firmware?

    This is the 2nd fail in the last 2 days.

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