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  1. #621
    landon Guest
    But you need a hardware flasher to install this JFW DH 3.56 on a PS3 3.56, it's not that simple and not available for every one, the downgrade is impossible without a hardware flasher for now !!

    It's better to stay on CFW 3.55 & wait for an other solution to the 3.6+ games.

  2. #622
    soczi Guest
    Hahahahaha... seriously? You need 3.55 to install this without additional hardware?

    If that is true then this means... so... much.. FAIL. Just drowning in all that fail...

  3. #623
    ly420 Guest
    you do not need a flasher to install it... only to UNinstall it if you want to go back to 3.55 cfw. So if you don't have a flasher, you'd better hope this is legitimate and you really like it!!

  4. #624
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    * Soporte de aplicaciones hasta la version 3.56.
    I'm no good at spanish, but doesn't that mean "Support applications prior to 3.56 FW"?

    That means, no 3.60+ game support, oh well, epic fail. The only feature, which everyone wanted they didn't implement. Who needs that piece of bloated crap-ware?

  5. #625
    Styx1337 Guest
    yeah they fail, all the hope is gone have to buy trueblue

  6. #626
    pauliux963 Guest
    Its only for those people who are on 3.56 ofw and stuck. As I understand, it won't run 3.6+ and 3.7+ games...

  7. #627
    landon Guest
    That was told before by DemonHades, if you're on OFW 3.56 ou + you need a hardware flasher to install this JFW DH MA 3.56 !!
    if you're on OFW 3.56, yes you need a hardware flahser (at least they made a progress with this story)

    If you're on CFW/OFW 3.55 or less, here you can install this MA 3.56 without a hardware flasher, just like any other OFW/CFW PUP from XMB or recovery menu but, once installer downgrade will be impossible without a hardware flasher !!!

  8. #628
    Styx1337 Guest
    i got of 3.56 if i install it its says data is corrupted !!!

  9. #629
    Bartholomy Guest
    Lol. I hope someone know managers doesn't work, you need pkgs. Oh please. We don't need this trash , on november 2011. Who the hell with an awesome kmeaw would ever try it?

  10. #630
    soczi Guest
    SO much FAIL that it hurts my eyes...

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