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    NeTRaW Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Natepig View Post
    They definitely are working on this cfw but its losing ground so fast on the competition that its becoming useless even if its released. I read that Spanish productivity is some of the lowest in the world because they go to sleep in the afternoon and have a "siesta". These guys need to get louder alarm clocks me thinks.
    That's only a topic mate. It's the same that if I say chinese people are always working (and sleep in the factories), or if I say most north americans are farmers, or if I say German people have squared heads, or any other stupid argument like that. Think wisely.

    Best Regards

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    tulla2010 Guest
    I think its called sarcasm !

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    Natepig Guest
    I was attempting to be funny in tune with the general feeling in the thread, i'm sorry you seem to have taken it to heart. I don't really think that they are sleeping to much, I am aware of the technical issues the must face trying to live up to their own hype. I always think wisely but thanks for the advice matey

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    vcdking Guest
    I believe their claim to play 3.6 games is legit, but it leads one to speculate that they really won't be able to deliver when it counts. It's starting to look like a magical CFW with no real proof. I'm not really bothered, 3.55cfw is enough to run homebrew etc.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    I think 3.6+ games was a misinterpretation. Maybe he just said "I made a CFW with new icons and a couple thing you can do yet with kmeaw, just hey it looks cool like a 3.6+ game" , and google transator made a bad translation, making think to the world he made a 3.6+ CFW playing new games, who know hahahaha Only exaplantion why DH was so angry writing to the world go to hell, and his friend posted that crappy video. Listem him during the video, telling "See it's real" Ye, it's real, it's a kmeaw CFW freaking cool lol

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    moja Guest
    Is that really happening? If so, that's my answer for the entire timeline right there. Now he/they just can't figure out how to release something good enough to justify it.

    The rest of your post makes the most sense to me in all this, and made me laugh. Thanks for that!

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    weeze6969 Guest
    If your too lazy to do it yourself or don't have the patience to wait till the next one comes out then maybe it needs to be put to better use anyways

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    wolfpacleader86 Guest
    I take it that this won't work on a newer PS3 slim. Like say if I bought one now, it wouldn't work?

  9. #609
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well if you went out and bought a brand new one it would be like 3.73 FW, you need a PS3 with 3.55 FW or lower to install any kind of Jailbreak/CFW on it.

  10. #610
    Natepig Guest
    If you bought one from a big retailer the chances of it having 3.55 or below are very slim. In any case nothing has been released anyway so there is nothing to install.

    Opps looks like HmH beat me to it.

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