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    It's sooo boring... JFW DH is based 3.41 but most people had installed FW 3.72+ and is useless to us.

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    Nov 2011
    can't see it.

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    Still fake and always will be.

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    I personally don't really care about JFW DH, I was intrigued by it playing 3.60+ games but now I don't really care since there are people out their who are fixing 3.60+ games for us 3.55 CFW users.

    Also I couldn't care less about OpenPSstore or all the other features, the only thing I'll ever need on my PS3 is multiMAN manager.

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    don't care! we're too busy playing UNCHARTED 3 on our CFWs! something REAL hackers brought for us

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    It's freaking me out with every passing day, when they will release this?

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    They definitely are working on this cfw but its losing ground so fast on the competition that its becoming useless even if its released. I read that Spanish productivity is some of the lowest in the world because they go to sleep in the afternoon and have a "siesta". These guys need to get louder alarm clocks me thinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by axlffx2forever View Post
    why are you a hater?

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    Whoa they hasten suddenly... their fame already been taken so the thing left is to proof their work by releasing it fast or they never have a face in ps3 scene.

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