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    Apr 2005

    Video: JFW DH New PS3 Category Preview in Custom Firmware

    Following up on their Multimedia Services Demo of PS3 JFW DH Custom Firmware, today DemonHades has shared another video preview of the new category in their JFW DH Viewer.

    To quote, roughly translated: Hello friends demons, I want to present the new display category, another novelty of JFW DH.

    This category is intended to show how fast contents of the PS3. The video appears in our language, but translated into English and French

    1saludo and I hope you like it, I'm finishing all the improvements put him... THANKS KIKI and Maky and for your help

    From the video's caption: This video shows the new category Visor, a novelty of JFW DH, which is designed to view our content quickly and easily. Thanks to Maky and KIKI for your help in testing and realization of the video. The menu is Spanish, will also come in English and French.

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    tigereye Guest
    let see... but damn who the hell is singing in background... he or she give pain in my ears..

  3. #53
    Ezio Guest
    singing? I thought it was a person with stomach ache who lamented ... horrible sound!

  4. #54
    Natepig Guest
    Perhaps it was the spanish version of x-factor.

  5. #55
    SwordOfWar Guest
    DAAUMMM what is that awful sound in the background?!

    My ears are in agony!

  6. #56
    mateuszss Guest

    Thumbs Down

    This scream in background is terrible.

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow Video: JFW DH CFW New PSP Category to Control PS3 Console

    Following up on their previous JFW DH PS3 Category preview video, today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer DemonHades has posted a video demonstrating a new PSP Category that will be used to control the PS3 console under their upcoming Custom Firmware.

    To quote, roughly translated: In this new video we show how we can deal with the new psp Viewer category, and managing files such as install, view or delete the contents , so those of you psp you can give him a new use

    This video is owned and authors DHorg Maky and KIKI is why it is forbidden to publish in EOL, if so will take appropriate action.

    1saludo and see if they find that we do not want anything to appear there, and when I say nothing is nothing.

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    NTA Guest
    Nice. An additional use for the PSP!

  9. #59
    Ezio Guest
    Nothing special, I think all the custom firmwares could do it.

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    Apr 2005

    Video: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Preloader Backup Demo

    Today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer DemonHades has shared a demo video of the JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Preloader Backup in action with dev_flash below.

    To quote, roughly translated: Making Backup of JFW Preloader dev_flash in DH

    Good friends demons, and it is becoming less for publication of JFW dh, not before not show you how the preloader of JFW dh.

    The preloader is a plugin's own Thegra in the video we see that using a temporary jig (missing plugins manager) but the release will not need the jig obviously.

    We can see how to backup the 3 flash in just 1 minute and 20 seconds.

    With this system we will no longer suffer from having to install the full pup should play some flash like sprx, rco, xml, self, and so on.

    Thanks to the video makykiki

    1saludo as will see, easy fast and convenient, it is more even in the near future to change dev_flash dualboots is simpler than 2 HDDs catch

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