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  1. #571
    shummyr Guest
    I will believe it when I see it.

  2. #572
    itwalksamongus Guest
    lame.. give us psp support, or ntfs external support, or 3.60+ support.. anything but a stupid new gui.

  3. #573
    Neo Cyrus Guest
    If this is actually released it will only be a short time before someone uses it as a base and cuts out all the junk users don't want.

  4. #574
    need Guest
    ZzZZZ i am getting dizzy when i see this news...

  5. #575
    denxing Guest
    No offence to demonhades or the team that actually programs these things but where are the things that made this CFW worth checking out in the first place? There already exists programs like OpenPStore that don't require a proprietary CFW to use. How about this plugin support they talked about?

    Or that weird "show us you own the game and we'll give you the exploit" thing they talked about? This CFW was supposed to be beta tested ALL OF September and then released October 1st and now it's revealed they don't even have the most basic things done ? (not basic in terms of programming but basic in terms of things they promised)

    There's so many exciting breakthroughs happening and then here's this thing. And, all it makes me think of is the homebrew stores that were released on the XBOX 1. They were never updated fast enough and eventually stopped being updated. Then what? We've got a built in browser full of outdated homebrew. Again, I don't mean offence. I've watched (and participated) many scenes and have seen the fates of these things.

  6. #576
    pauliux963 Guest
    So, they're not gonna suport 3.55 FW??

  7. #577
    HeyManHRU Guest
    If you're on 3.55 FW you can use QA flag to downgrade to 3.41 and install 3.41 JFW DH or you can update to 3.56 JFW DH (you won't be able to downgrade if you install 3.56 JFW DH).

  8. #578
    dragonsan Guest
    At first i was like. DAMN there is a messenger port for ps3, then i have seen, bah it uses the full ps3, it isn't a plugin, then i have seen it only uses a quick link to ebuddy and i was like.

    THAT IT! I can use this cfw to install shortcuts to the internet !!!


  9. #579
    Minuz Guest
    Another alternative is psxstore + i recommend Packet Manager by rebug to open .pkg on internhdd.

  10. #580
    young blade Guest
    I don't even think that the translations we have done will do any good..

    I believe that this firmware will be spanish for 80%..

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