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  1. #561
    NN33NN Guest
    I hope this will come out before x-mas...

  2. #562
    B4rtj4h Guest
    Agree 100% with snookie. As User Centered Designer this UI sucks balls.

    It's a nice move for people that do not want to do everything by USB... but please... get some help... this all BUT user friendly!

  3. #563
    Minuz Guest
    I still don't see what all the hype is about..

    snoekie: +1

  4. #564
    pubert09 Guest
    WORK FASTER!! No really, I hope this can do what they say it can when it actually gets released.

  5. #565
    elser1 Guest
    i thought this fool left the scene.. now hes back with the same bs.. release it or p.o.q i won't be installing it anyway because of the idiocity of this guy and his "i'm god" mentality. i just can't get over how sad this scene is with people like math and dh.. damm!!

    but then there's people like dean and rebug team and supporters like the ps3 news site that even it out. i know i can't talk because i can't write code or make cfw or do much other than play games, but if i could i wouldn't act like i'm god or treat people like idiots.. its all about respect.. and the lack there of.

  6. #566
    Coragin Guest
    yay another video!!

  7. #567
    damox Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    release it or p.o.q

  8. #568
    Bakke Guest
    Screw that. This thing is getting old already. DemonHades is just playing with us with that piece of crap of a GUI.

  9. #569
    elser1 Guest
    piss off quick..

  10. #570
    saviour07 Guest
    Haha When I first seen you post P.O.Q I though you had miss typed P.O.C (Proof of Concept)!

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