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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    davidpstone Guest
    no you are wrong, you should be more specific, its a bunch of COMEDY videos, lol

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    spunkybunny Guest
    Comedy, we all know its a fiction show.

    I'm sure its in its 3rd season now. I'm thinking they are signed up for all 6 seasons before the movie is released.

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    medi01 Guest
    Well, we do know that some people involved in JFW-DH project do know stuff. Most exciting promise of this firmware was taking over last bastion of Sony, bootloader keys. They said they had them (they've posted info about the way they planned to do it). Obviously the didn't.

    The rest of it simply attempt to create "best firmware evar", but only PS2 games compatibility is something that sounds somewhat exciting to me, I wonder what others think.

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    spunkybunny Guest
    I've lost all interest in this so called cfw as its taking too long and still no proof except for some easily faked videos. What everyone is after is a way to play 3.6* backups from HDD/USB. If this CFW can't do that then its not going to be wanted. It'll be put in the bin with all the other CFW's out there.

    I bet when the JB2 gets hacked so any CFW can play 3.6* backups then this is not going to be wanted at all.

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    snoekie Guest
    The scene is like the scientific arena: you have to backup your claims with evidence, otherwise you loose credibility. This is exactly what happened.

    Other projects release incremental improvements (for example, multiman), instead of trying to do it 'first time right'. Multiman is a project that is (partly) driven by customer demand. I feel that JFW never was.

    Also, I hope that, if this is real, somebody removes that awful custom menu. Having your 'demon' logo in there is such a vanity project. I want functionality, not fluff.

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    young blade Guest
    I myself don't like all the demon stuff they've got going on.. why couldn't it just be a more neutral CFW..?? but now that I have seen this last video all intrest is gone.. aside from the heavy customized xmb whats is the big difference between my rebug firmware and this JFW-DH..??

    What can they do we 3.55 CFW users can't..??

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    Natepig Guest
    The only interest I had in this was that it claimed to have cobra features built in. I have a ps3 on kmeaw 3.55 but it has no bluray in it, so I hoped for the cobra 100% discless.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Lol, poor DH, crying because haters. Damn, JFW is real, see? A kmeaw more cool LOL and Dragon age 2 too wow, lol.

    Is there truly someone else who still read that spanish forum?

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    vcdking Guest
    I'm over videos. Most of the time when these videos come out they contain hints about some of the weaknesses the project is encountering in a hope that another dev will be able to complete the project or offer a solution.

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    wikdclown Guest
    Nothing will ever come of this and by now people should realize it. It was all a scheme for increased traffic and donations nothing more.

    Most PS3 cfw users do not want some reskinned xmb and added xmb categories its pointless and useless the main thing most people want is the ability to play 3.6+ games.

    The only hope for the scene at this point in time is if one of the few actually smart devs RE the jb2 method and implement it into the current cfw, while this is a temporary fix in itself maybe it will lead to other exploits.

    Jfw will 98% chance never see the light of day I think anyone thinking otherwise is seriously deluding their self.

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