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    then what do you call all those videos posted on youtube..??

    also asking for people to translate the menu.. believe me there are almost no spanish users on that site that are able to translate to dutch or lets just say for example turkish..

    So he had to rely on other forums..
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    Spanish is one of the most used languages in the world. I am sure a lot of Dutch and Turkish know Spanish.

    Regardless of that they never posted news anywhere but their site. You can not redefine spam/spamming.

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    Less than 0.001% of Turkish people including me can speak spanish. There are no Spanish classes only crappy commercial courses.

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    Demon does not leave the JFW, continues its work as well as his team. As we all know the world scene in the ps3 is subject to tensions which occasionally rethink its continuance.

    I take these words to encourage all those who offer their expertise to the scene as volunteers, my sincere support and gratitude as a simple user.

    Thank you forever.

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    It's all good

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    Good, I hope their entire team can focus on why they began this project in the first place and keep their passion. Not for my dusty PS3, but for the same reasons we all do a lot of the stuff we do.

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    demonhades and his peoples never fail

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    should this be closed now?

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    I was going to, but THIS post sounds like JFW is still going to be worked on... what we need is someone fluent in Spanish who can confirm one way or the other I suppose.

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    i speak spanish (and that's why my english really suck) btw... in the official page... a beta tester has upload a new video... and another user of the team wrote "the JFW sitll go on..."

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