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    He shouldn't have promised people things that never came true. It seems that every time he made an article related to his transparent cfw, he would constantly change his story about certain features. He brought this hate on himself... How he can't comprehend this is beyond me..

    Personally, I think he's mad because people are beating him to the punch at releasing things that may or may not have been in the cfw. Maybe this guy didn't know everything like he led people to believe? If he allowed all this hate to get to him (because of himself) then I guess his cfw was utter crap.

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    I have a revelation of the future! DH will cancel the project behind the excuse of the trolls, the haters, the fakers (? and the crisis of the economy... and will give us nothing...

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    He never had anything to release to begin with. I think he just got mad about all the recent developments in the scene. He got jealous! He couldn't come through so he hit the PANIC button & used the "pressure" word as another excuse!

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    I wonder if he will be like most devs who leave the scene and end up coming back a bunch more times..

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    From what I've heard, he's already left the scene once before..

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    i was checking and apparently dospiedras seems to be this dude in the video, that is showing demonhades that he has advanced in the making of a new custom firmware and making fun of him for not releasing anything.

    also in the forum dospiedras was telling demonhades that he knows nothing about programming for ps3 that he only knows how to edit param.sfo that demonhades only gathers people to do projects for him.

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    hah, well I really should've seen this coming, what a great excuse to release nothing as 'he' had nothing, blame the trolls, throw a hissy fit & leave, the CFW prob is real but DH isn't , all he ever was was a mouthpiece for the other talent behind the scenes, ahh welll we had nothing so have lost nothing, onwards & upwards as they say

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    IMO DemonHades brought all this "hate" to himself. He was building up so much hype until he cancels the October 1st release, and then by saying it will allow 3.60+ games to be played all he did was build up even more hype and now he resigns?

    Anyways thanks to everything DemonHades has given to this scene, even if it wasn't very much.

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    This JFW-DH plane never left the ground.. now that other stuff is being released such as jailbreak 2 and E3 he starts run before he wipes his rear.. Serious man.. He knows that it wont be long before JB2 files get implemented into a CFW..

    So he had to go and kill the damn lie..

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    lmaooo their slack now that is what you call an insult "you can only edit param.sfo"

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