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    i don't believe till i see something!!!

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    I'm not going to comment on this anymore. I'm not interested in this fake so called CFW.

    Last thing I will say is majority of CFW people are on 3.55 so releasing a 3.41 or 3.56 isn't going to make anyone happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joffe View Post
    probably not soon but S.O.O.N. (S.eriously O.verdue O.r N.ever)
    i lol'd... "Seriously Overdue Or Never"

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    Had high hopes that this would be released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spunkybunny View Post
    Last thing I will say is majority of CFW people are on 3.55 so releasing a 3.41 or 3.56 isn't going to make anyone happy.
    What does it matter if you go to 3.56 or 3.41, if you get considerably extended functionality? I'm still using a Teensy.

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    I normally wait for things to play out, but seriously, this looks like something that'll never see the light of the day.

    Of course, if it comes out, I'll happily eat my words.

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    I agree with you... I wait for real thing too

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    Below is another update from DemonHades on the JFW DH CFW, roughly translated:

    Tired of the pressure by taking action

    Well first of all I will be clear and precise, and I do not have to say it more times.

    The JFW DH will come out when finished, are not going to give more dates and will answer questions that are answered.

    This custom is a gift to our community DHorg to anyone else... the rest is perfect... but want to use WEBS ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN AND OUT OF DH.ORG! DO NOT WE DO IT FOR YOU! if so you aver is already clear.

    As people think this is changing 4 stuff and already made a custom I will say that if you want to work if not done to shut the mouth.

    I do not want to publish information in more places, more than in our community (so that then do not say that if we advertise) with this theme is just advertising.

    The JFW dh will be released in Castilian, who then want to work in other languages ​​and which require a fast and all that he pleases.

    The custom output will have the basics to suit your needs, will not go without what you need as you need 2 months to make it all perfect as I give it to my community.

    So in short:
    • If this topic interests you stay with what you have, and stop bothering.
    • If you want to upgrade online, or you buy another ps3.
    • If you're impatient to play the new games you buy them and if they ask for update update.
    • If you want the functionality of the full charges, you buy the cobra.
    • If you think that by registering in the community we win something you are very wrong... unlike a lot more pressure and overwhelmed.

    If you do not care what you read here and want to unsubscribe from the website simply send a private message and I give myself low, but just pressing.. as if I have to stay with 4 users who want the JFW dh and the 3.56 MA.

    1saludo and websites outside and criticais copiais we'll find out that we do for you the JFW dh, but for those who really want it with their pros and cons, be patient and nothing else to say.. just be on top battered.

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    Get the crying towels out guys!

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