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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    chivurro Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Foo View Post
    If I knew Spanish I would go to his website and tell him to hurry up! >.>
    You can go and tell him, "apurale, que tu CFW esta mas cantado que las mananitas"

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    alwayshungry Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rianchio23 View Post
    so many haters talking like they know yet all they are doing is talking off of what somebody else said trying to look smart as if they could do better. most of you know nothing about coding unless dean or somebody smart says something. stop hating... save it for if and when this doesn't come out.
    You dead right about something buddy (save it for if and when this doesn't come out) ITS not coming out lmao!

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    Art2Fly Guest
    This isn't a KMEAW CFW. all that did was integrate the things that the old jigs used to do. This firmware has a completely new everything, xmb, plugin system, game launching style, EVERYTHING. It's basically the most CUSTOM CFW out there. Or at least going to be.

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    bfff2010 Guest
    hurry up Playstation 5 will be out soon. On a serious note I hope people are seeing what this really is - a complete wind up and news sites just keep on winding... lmao! Keep it coming it's comic relief and all the scene has left...

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, sadly there isn't much PS3 hacks news to report on beyond periodic multiMAN and Showtime updates (usually minor changes vs things like new games working) and an occasional homebrew game from ThatOtherDev once or twice a week... so we add the JFW DH videos to the mix and the PS Blog news of course.

    Hopefully things will pick up soon but I'm not holding my breath... it's easier to step away from the PS3 during the slower times, and then when new developments happen get excited for a few days like when the Duplex PSN stuff hit hehe.

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    lele0o0o Guest
    this cfw will out in 2/2/2222

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    waiting impatiently for this to get release.

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    need Guest
    Instead of posting vids of his cfw they should concentrate on getting a release done, anyways i think, like a lot of people, that this firmware will never reach the public PS3 Hacking scene.

    Just deal with it get over it and ignore news about JFW DH.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    I really wish they would release this instead of teasing me with videos.

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    need Guest
    And also, when and if the CFW will really be released you will have no fun with it because of the constantly being released news, your expectations have been build up high in the sky, there is no cfw in the world that can serve what you think you need to have by now.

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