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    chriscool Guest
    Wow ! so cool , can't wait !

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    Apr 2005


    Here is another update from DemonHades on JFW-DH and PSN, roughly translated: demonhades.org/foro/viewtopic.php?t=4946&f=297

    The JFW DH abandons any attempt to access the PSN

    Good friends hell, I write this news to announce that the team JFW DH we have decided to shelve the attempt to access the PSN.

    The reasons are very simple...
    • We're not going to be fighting with Sony to access your network.
    • We're not going to waste time looking for ways to circumvent the security of PSN and can use in the JFW DH and improve performance.
    • In the team we agree that we set aside the psn and focus on your own custom.
    • So after pondering well we decided it best, and that having the power of Thégra we plan to create a system similar to xlink but for JFW embeded using an internal system, so you could play on LAN PCs.

    The DH JFW was thought as a platform for development and growth to thank the Community DH and international communications that we provide support, so this would create internal network for both communities.

    Be aware that we can not have everything in a custom, sony monitors your network ... and we will not be in a constant battle with them.

    The video was published entering the Store from Sony was just a sign that without the latest version could skip version checks.. NOTHING MORE!

    That then the devs want and how to make plugins to skip these checks perfect, but it is not our priority.

    1saludo and if you seek is the PSN online... in the DH JFW not you will have, if you find another custom that I invite you to bring myself to heap up... and although it leaves a 36x sony cfw to the days Capara you... so you begin to reason, or one thing or another.

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    Apr 2005

    Video: Evolution of OpenPStore for PS3 JFW DH Custom Firmware

    Following up on their previous progress, today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer DemonHades has posted an update alongside a video from Conadote of OpenPStore for the upcoming PS3 JFW-DH Custom Firmware.

    While OpenPStore will offer PlayStation 3 homebrew applications and file downloads, they have confirmed it will not be a replacement for Sony's PlayStation Store on PSN.

    Below is the video, and to quote roughly translated: The OpenPStore now concluded, to loud applause and the_marioga blipi the initial project, a special greeting to demonhades and their entire community, sorry for the quality did not have much time and I shook his hand lol. Still missing the pkg on the server.

    Fellow demons, opened this thread to get official comment on developments and answer questions focused on OpenPStore.

    Above you can see the video created by matercrack, one of the devs involved in the development of the app created exclusively for JFW.

    The state of development is 90%, in the absence of the inclusion of some details in the menus and upload content to the server.

    Developers involved:
    • blipi
    • the_marioga
    • matercrack
    • dantehades

    This application is exclusively for developers involved, before publishing it elsewhere you will have to ask permission from these devs.


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    THATS PRETTY KOOL.. thanks for all the effort!! i'm hoping this will be a good alternative to psn online gaming.. i just hope they don't allow there cheat thingy.. LOL

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    Apr 2005

    Video: RNA: Real Network Access Fade Effect for PS3 JFW DH CFW

    As a follow-up to the OpenPStore news, Spanish PlayStation 3 developer blipi has shared an update on RNA - Real Network Access for PS3 JFW DH Custom Firmware and a video of RNA v0.0.1 Fade Effect in action this weekend.

    To quote, roughly translated: INFORMATION

    As you can see in the picture this will be the design (for lack of making a decent logo) to RNA. Also if you can observe the list of functions that will bring its first version:

    • Add your friends see your profile, avatar and information. Browse through their trophies and compare with yours.

    • Updates trophies for other friends to see. In later versions will add support for social networks can post your trophies on sites like facebook and twitter. Maybe when I get Thegra be able to update facebook and trophies at the same time to win.

    • Do not come in the first version, but it will be the meeting point. Create rooms and join them will be just some of the options available there.

    • Send and receive messages from your friends. In future it will be possible to send messages inviting rooms in the network.

    Quick Menu:

    By simply pressing <- -> (arrow), the menu will change law offering:
    • Your profile
    • Friends List
    • Posts
    • Menu
    • Accept suggestions

    There will also be an options menu where, among other things, you can choose the background color to taste full and unrestricted (limited range of RGB, which should not be a problem).

    You can see an outline of the functions in (updated regularly): http://www.mindomo.com/es/mindmap/rn...6e8222a07e3f6e

    Suggestions and others: https://bitbucket.org/blipi/rna/issues/new

    By selecting "Type": "proposal" and "Priority" as you may believe that very little or urgent.


    Progress (14/08/11 - 3:30 am)

    PHP Server:
    • Login: 100%
    • Handshake Process (security): 30%
    • Parser package: 100%
    • Builder packages: 100%
    • User (information): 0%
    • Trophies: 0%
    • Friends: 0%

    PS3 pkg:
    • Basic GUI: 80%
    • Interaction and control: 40%
    • Dynamism and animations: 20%

    Global: 5%


    Video of a test, make a text disappear dynamically:

    In related news, Sony PS3 hacker DarkhackerPS3 has made available a preview video (below) via PSHomebrew on YouTube of his own PS3 Online Homebrew Browser dubbed Cydia PS3 alongside a PSHomebrew v0.1 (Pre-Release) build. Essentially it is a WIP PS3 homebrew application that will allow users to sign into a server to upload and download the latest PlayStation 3 homebrew releases.

    He has also added the Rebug Category to PSHomebrew as shown in the video below.

    Also below, TizzyT455 has uploaded a WIP video of his PS3 XMB Brewery, in which he states: "An EXTREMELY early stage in a program I am working on that will make life a little bit easier for people on the PS3 scene.

    When you want to find something you usually have to go online and as the old saying goes "Google is your friend", well what if you don't want friends what if you want a for say genie to come out and just gives you what you want, my program might be that genie. It will have FTP-Like transferring features, a free app store, and other features but I'm not going to say since I don't know If I'm capable of implementing them.

    For now though the program runs really smooth even on my little brothers old Athlon x64 computer that's at 2.5Ghz."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Looks real promising.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Sounds real interesting. Hope they have the endurance to make it possible in the near future (this year) for everyone.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    I have a doubt though. Will this be like XLINK or will it be like PSN?

    I'm desperate to play AC Brotherhood online. My other 'online' PS3 got YLOD.

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    Apr 2005
    From the sound of it to me, I would say it will be closer to Xlink or XBSlink than PSN itself... I guess time will tell for sure.

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    dyceast Guest
    This CFW looks to be GREAT if not the BEST.

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