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    jesterking1 Guest
    Two independent translations... One from someone who speaks Spanish, the other from Portuguese. They said the game must be uploaded. No mention of "pictures" to be uploaded. If this is the case, that might not be so bad... People will always find a way to get around that.

  2. #372
    YuuZA Guest
    Yes, that is why i was hoping a user with time and understanding can check this for us. We remain skeptical until proven otherwise . We understand better after Art2Fly.

    CFW is all about progress so we want to see this and not be disillusioned by things we already know.

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    niwakun Guest
    i hope that will be the case. uploading your own games is just not right. I mean, it's your game, why upload it.

    If i'm going to upload a certain eboot or something, i think this will be fine (since I can get this from third parties for free and risk free), with the proof that I have the game.

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    hk2 Guest

    Thumbs Down

    If its lost in translation then so be it, but if its not, then I stick by my original statement. beware.

    the sharing of complied pkgs that only works on jfwdh sounds like they want others to do alot of work. Less people will do this, and only a few will become devs, people are too lazy to do all the work. sorry too fishy "I have lived for a long time, I am a skeptic, it is my strength."

  5. #375
    saintgalgo Guest
    The ones uploaded there (Fifa12, for example) only have pictures of the discs on the topics as the "proof", and the rules on the site also say that, so that's what i tought.

    Keep in mind I'm not 100% sure either. I've been on his forum for a while.

  6. #376
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Why do they care so much about you owning the game before you upload it?

  7. #377
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    If you have your dev_flash2 & dev_hdd0\home backed up to PC then you don't need PSN access to reactivate your PSN games & DLC. Just upload all of dev_flash2 & everything in the dev_hdd/home folder via FTP, Reboot & all your PSN content will be reactivated!

    I have used this method hundreds of times on CFW without any complications & without PSN access. I see no reason why it will not work with this FW.

    I have also used this method to upgrade to a larger HDD. Just backed up EVERYTHING on my HDD via FTP, re-uploaded back to larger HDD, uploaded all of dev_flash2. Everything was back to normal, all PSN content activated! Its kind of a long process but IT WORKS! LoL

  8. #378
    niwakun Guest
    I think, this been known for ages, but placing the act.dat and certain methods to do first is just too way hassle to do. Plus, you have to do it again everytime you want to use them.

    But today, we already have a way to decrypt DLC and PSN content (with proper activation license. Just like npDecryptor in PSP), but we still have no way to re-encrypt them and make it usable.

  9. #379
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    I have never had to use this method more than once. It has PERMANENTLY activated my PSN content.

    When i said i used this method hundreds of times did not mean i had to do after each reboot. I have used on my PS3 a bunch of times & on friends/family's PS3's to restore there PSN content

    You don't have to upload EVERYTHING on your HDD to reactivate PSN content, only after a HDD format will u need to restore everything. If you just re-install a FW or lose your activation some other way then you will only need to restore your dev_flash2 & dev_hdd0\home

  10. #380
    niwakun Guest
    hmm so it permanently activates ehh. Sorry if this is a little bit off topic. Can you use these backup dev_flash2 and dev_hdd0/home backups on other PS3?

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