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    jesterking1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by iskj3098ias View Post
    OK, guess I'll do a slightly better translation of this. Do note I'm Portuguese so I'll be taking some liberties, but the main idea will come across.
    Thanks for that, much easier to read...

    Though it still seems to be a garbage of an idea...

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    Art2Fly Guest
    I am fluent in spanish and have translated it to make more sense.

    JFW DH 3.41

    Who can use it?

    Anyone who can downgrade via QAflags or on 3.41 or have a jtag flasher to downgrade

    What is the base firmware?

    The base is the firmware that is the lowest our ps3 supporst and the one it was shipped out of the factory

    Why 3.41?

    Because it is the one with the least restricitgions and more difficult for sony to detec. Now that sony cant retrograde in time we will implement security

    I am on a 3.55 CFW and I want to go to JFW DH 341!

    Yes, you can, just make sure that your ps3 can run fw 3.41 (as in you got it with fw3.41 or lower out of the factory) IF not, then just use 3.56MA

    I have games in both the internal and external hdd, must I convert these games to work on JFW?

    No, you can use your backup launchers or other methods without having to patch them

    What is this about 3.55/3.56 games not needing a patch to run on 3.41?

    The JFW DH has an internal system that when it detects a game that requires a higher firmware to run than 3.41, uses a plugin to execute the game or program.

    What is the method to install JFW DH?

    Same as the rest of the CFWs, Recovery Mode

    What is this “Manager the grid” bs?

    It is to enable/disable plugins or to apply dynamic patches

    What is a plugin?

    It is an application that is executed under a second plane and it lets us nullify the possibilities of the firmware by sony

    Why are the patches dynamic?

    They are patches that apply themselves to mudules self/sprx of the system and are of the proper firmware or externals to modify the games directly, basically a way to run the games.

    So do the newer FW required games require a modchip?

    No, You can play them already because of an exploit.

    But what about the keys?

    It doesn’t use them for anything

    So would I be able to play new original games?

    No, only the demoniso backups because they are prepared by JFW DH

    What are the demonisos?

    A place where place where you can guard your original games as if it was a safety service, if you don’t throw them away and cant be published. (weird terminology in this one)

    IF I have an original of 36x or 37x firmware, will my backup work?

    You would have to download the patch from demonisos, without the patch from demonisos, no it wont

    IF patches for DLC show up will it let us download them?

    Yes they would be able to be downloaded from demonoisos, ready for your use

    For those of us that don’t have internet, is there a way to download and install the plugins or services?

    Yeah, through the web, by downloading the package and then installing like a reg. package.

    Why are there only videos of just a part of the xmb and not the rest of the functions?

    WE are various people and each one of us become in charge of a job, what is shown is just part of the jobs that I made(demonHades) and my buddies (Makykiki,Tito1,PSjuan) and the rest of the budies cant show anything that isn’t finalized.

    Will there be a 3.55 port for JFW DH?

    Hell no, we don’t want competition. We want to be #1

    Ive seen other cfws that let you copy gamesaves, is there a method to do this with JFW DH?

    Yes, it is implemented under a new application called UsaveME.

    But… there are some protected ones right?

    UsaveME, lets you play them anywhere on any ps3, regardless of protection

    The external hard drive must be fat32 right?

    Correct, because that’s twhat the ps3 uses natively for external disks.

    Can NTFS or another format be used for the larger games?

    The ideal solution should be under the same format as the internal hard drive (UFS) but without the layer of encoding so we could connect it externaly.

    Would it be possible to use this UFS on the external drive at all?

    Maybe with a plugin in the future.

    Cobra doesn’t stop releasing updates, will these come with JFW DH?

    No, the jfw oesnt have anything to do with plugins, they are different things that are not dependant on the JFW.

    Then, we cant use cobra?

    Yeah, but with the plugins of the grid only

    Will we have PSN access?

    Not in the exit, unless it is possible with the exploit we will study the level of the impact that the jfw has to the global level, and if we see if its feasible them MAYBE.

    Will older themes on the internet work for the XMB?

    No, unless your organization of the theme were to be altered.

    Will I lose all my PSN games or will I be able to renovate the liscenses?

    IN the beginning we wont have access to the psn so obviously no, in the future this will be figured out.

    Sony will be able to block the exploit?

    No if no one gives out the detail, neither when, where or why.

    Will the JFW DH have the internet browser?

    The same will that is used natively at the moment, so yes.

    Will the ps3 be able to use the PS3 media server?

    Yes, without any problems

    Having been on 3.41 official and going to JFW, will my trophes be saved?

    Yes, without any problems

    Will this CFW have 3D support?

    Games weould, however movies, at the moment wont, until a plugin is hopefully released.

    JFW DH 3.56 MA

    Who will be able to use it?

    Everyone who has a lower firmware than 3.56 or has a jtag to patch the PUP (tutorial to come later)

    Why 3.56 and not 3.55?

    To tell you the truth, 356MA came up only as a tast to one of the members of the team, but our original intention eas only for 341, this was soley for people who cannot downgrade past 3.56.

    Then if I am on 3.50 what do you recommend to me?

    IT all depends on what you want, 356MAis for the people with a 3.56 base ps3, but if you are on 3.50 we recommend whichever 3.55, now that 356MA doesnt have the peek/poke function that many homebrew apps use.

    Will my old games on my hard drive work?

    INicially yes, but with pkgs, once the peek/poke function has been worked out…

    Will it still be compatible with new games?

    Yes, just like 3.41 JFW DH

    Why do they say that once we are at 3.56 we are locked?

    Because after 3.56, Sony introduced and updater2 that is in charger of not recognizing the updater1 packages, because of this you cant get out of it, unless you get a jtag flasher

    I am on 3.56, can I downgrade through USB?

    Sorry, but no, only through a jtag modchip nand replace

    Can I use the OpenPStore?

    Yes it is compatible.

    Can I use TheGrid Manager?

    No…. sorry.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Art2Fly View Post
    I am fluent in spanish and have translated it to make more sense.
    Thanks Art2Fly and +Rep also! I have linked yours on the main page as well... I can almost repeat the FAQ in my sleep now I've read it so much.

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    jesterking1 Guest
    So... As I understand it, in the US, it is illegal to upload any copied material to others. I don't care if this guy is saying that demoniso is "legal". by my understanding of current laws, it's not "legal". It's still file sharing, and I look at this with suspicion... It's a trap!

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    hk2 Guest

    Thumbs Down

    It all was looking good until they said that. then I said BS!

    I think there will be some dumb enough to do this, but overall I think these guys who did it were thinking small, they were thinking about friends and neighbors in South America, those who live in remote areas in farms and villages. where a trip to the store means days on the donkey. but it is ridiculous for anyone else who lives in a city or near a city to consider uploading images so you can play? WTF?

    Uh Nope. keep it, I'm not interested. I have no desire to end up with my ip logged into anyones computer when Sony comes looking for heads! Shame I was looking forward to the promises of playing some of the newer games.

    I bet its brought to us by the same guys who want you to do a survey to get a steam key generator or a free laptop!

    Not too bright. If you want to try this then suffer in ignorance, and learn a valuable lesson.. this has bad news written all over it!


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    jesterking1 Guest
    Well, one of the positive things that could come from all of this is: A dev could take this cfw and reverse engineer it to work the way the rest of the world wants it to work... That is, assuming this is real. And if that's the case, it would be worth them trying to push their bs.

    But I think their just trolls.

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    YuuZA Guest
    the demonisos forum is demonisos.proboards.com and registration is free but i don't see them asking for money, Fifa 12 is uploaded and proof that they OWN it shows however if someone can test or investigate further please do so and report back here.

    I am also skeptical but only time will tell o_o.

    Respect to HeyManHRU

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    KrisFluke Guest
    Seriously, upload my copy of my original? Are there really any serious believers left after that statement?

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    saintgalgo Guest
    Hm... I think you guys didn't understood. Demonisos is a forum where people will upload and share compiled pkgs that will work only on JFW DH (if it's not fake). It's up since september, and there's some games already there. For some reason, they want uploaders to prove that they own the games they upload (with pictures, it seems). They didn't ask for money. Not sure how it will work, or if it's real or fake, but you should shouldn't flame around and jump with conclusions out of google translations.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    c'mon now... just release this already. We have already waited MONTHS which is longer than any modified firmware so far. They have shown us videos of all the kool features working since forever now. Package that mess together and send it over the net.

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