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    Senior Member shummyr's Avatar
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    I see this as confusing the end user and just plagued with delays, plus what are/is demonisos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    if it is actually a comment by dean then i'd believe what he says.. he is proven.. this just makes me even more skeptical.. give it a week or 2 and i bet there will be another delay excuse.. LOL
    Yeah that's what he said, here was his full comment:

    JFW-DH 3.41 will never see light - mark my words. If they somehow manage to get trough (although DH has no idea about any of the stuff, since he is something like video-PR and not a programmer anyway) - it will still not bring anything new for you.

    JFW-DH 3.55/3.56 - if ever appears will be a joke and won't bring anything new worth waiting for.

    That's how it is. As always - no hard feelings to DH. If there was a SINGLE NOTE from JaiCrab I'd take all my words back since I respect him for all he has done and for the knowledge he has shown and shared (with apps and code), but that doesn't go to the joker DH. Using JaiCrab's initials in JFW-DH makes it all pathetic (DH).
    So Deank has respect for JaiCrab but not for DemonHades. Only time will tell if this thing is legit.

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    I don't know why I was sad when it said 3.56 below... I knew when I clocked on this what it was for. >.>. Well this ought to clear up some things for some people.

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    Well i just want to say! Release the DAMN thing.

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    I call BS on this JFW! If it does turn out to legit, I bet we have to pay for the JFW. Add to that the demonisos service for games & we have a shotty CFW. All this hype for nothing. I'm betting on it!

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    I can't understand! Finally we can play multiplayer online or not??

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    You can using XBS link or Xlink Kai, but not PSN if you're on CFW.

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    ^ seems like if you haven't read the faq

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    What does the "FAQ" say about online play? It says we won't have access to PSN, so we will still have to use LAN based applications to play online with games that support it.

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    i can't figure out what this translation means but what i'm taking away from it is that, they have developed their own "DRM" which will force everyone to change from the current file format to their own proprietary format otherwise you won't be able to play games that you may or may not have purchased legally? uh... yea that's not happening.

    and asking people to upload some sort of access key to them to "prove" you own the product? yea, the server will crash within the hour of them setting up and everyone will be up in arms over not being able to play their games.

    if this ever gets released, i see epic fail written all over it.


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