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  1. #301
    waleed Guest
    why does he keep showing us stuff that we can already do when he claims that it can run 3.7 + games? i have a bad feeling about this

  2. #302
    iloveyou Guest
    Maybe they wait with release, until Uncharted 3 gets released So Sony can't fix this bug/exploit and we could play that nice game Maybe thats why they won't show too much.

  3. #303
    Denida Guest
    Seems unlikely to be the case if this is going to be released in a few weeks... since Uncharted 3 still is a month away, and am sure Sony will have a new FW out then anyway, but I may be wrong...

  4. #304
    Sostanco Guest
    i think they release before chirstmas!

  5. #305
    Hipmans Guest
    Well I'm starting to think this whole JFW DH is just as real as Santa self

  6. #306
    tulla2010 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by waleed View Post
    why does he keep showing us stuff that we can already do when he claims that it can run 3.7 + games? i have a bad feeling about this
    either they mean play 3.7+ games with an exploit as backups or spoofing the cfw to play 3.7+ games as originals, i wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter.

  7. #307
    churchyblue Guest
    no new cfw is coming out, there are no games on his hdd that are 3.7x so clearly he has no cfw above 3.55 really

  8. #308
    Husi666 Guest
    And where did you get that info?

  9. #309
    tulla2010 Guest
    you gotta admit its all a bit fishy, they announce an october release date, then its delayed, all the videos ever posted about this 'cfw' show nothing new that current mfw's/managers cant do already, all it looks like is a re-skinned rebug/multiman.

    hey i'd be the first to publicly say i was wrong 'IF' this comes out & can do all what has been promised, but until then you cant blame people for being sceptical, especially with the state the ps3 'scene' is in right now, you never see this amount of drama with x360, new stuff released by microsoft, bam!! its jumped all over & it gets done, just look at the new hacked game security.

  10. #310
    darksabre Guest
    I don't blame them for not releasing 3.7x related videos. Look at how many people in this thread alone are whining nonstop about no 3.7x related items. Seems like a good way to keep n00bz, tr0llz, and skeptics from going ape all over their forums and the web in general.

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