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    Quote Originally Posted by xragel2478 View Post
    shiny bricks?... really ? why would they purposely brick a console? i understand to weed out traitors, but why not let the beta be optional. another way of owning us like sony does.
    Because they don't want it shared or leaked in any shape, form or fashion until it is perfect.

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    I read somewhere that this isn't gonna be translated into English at the first release day!? Lol do they expect everyone to speak Spanish! Well... It's a really easy language...

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    ha ha my bad i went on a lil rant there for a moment... i was just mad that i have a rsod after officially updating my virgin ps3 to 3.61

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    nice news

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    2 weeks of test, i think he come out with 3.6x key (if someone find it)...

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    Arrow Seal of Compatibility with JFW DH

    Just a brief update on this, today DemonHades has posted news of a Seal of Compatibility which will be used to identify PS3 games or applications that work with the upcoming JFW DH CFW. To quote, roughly translated:

    That such a fellow? Well as you know already it is becoming less for the publication of the JFW-DH in the community DHorg before October 1st and you will have it in your hands

    We want to inform you of the seal of support, from now all the apps, games that are published on the Internet, content for the JFW-DH duty to use this label for you to know that the apps will already modded for use in custom , and are 100% compatible.

    You will say that the difference between them? Let me explain...

    The stamp will feature:
    • His icon standardized to keep the aesthetics of the JFW-dh
    • All will come with music app (in xmb)
    • Each app will be placed in its corresponding category, so the management will be guaranteed

    If installing an app that does not have the seal, you will have nothing of this and not be placed in its corresponding category.

    JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive-jfwdh-seal-png

    Therefore I recommend that users that the JFW-DH Instaleis turn your OpenPStore to lower pkgs ready or download from the pc using a reliable seal compatibility. So far the JFW-DH will come out in Spanish and in French.

    I want to thank the Ps3addict and ps3news communities for the support

    1saludo demons

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    So is this like a 3.66 jailbreak? If not what is it and what does JFW and DH stand for. Btw i'm new to ps3 modding.

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    It's for PS3 consoles that are already JailBroken which can install PS3 Custom Firmware, so nah it's not a new 3.66 JailBreak.

    As for what JFW and DH stand for:

    JFW = JaicraB Firmware, JaicraB is another Spanish PS3 developer and his site is here:
    DH = DemonHades, also a Spanish PlayStation 3 developer whose site is here:

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    nice you get a shout out boss.. i think i will upgrade my 3.41 to this on october 1

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    Ahh shame man really wanted it!! Wish there was an easier way to downgrade my ps3 back to 3.55.

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