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Thread: JFW DH PS3 Custom Firmware Status Update and CFW Pics Arrive

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Nice news!!!

    mustanggt, What firmware you are on ?

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    mustanggt Guest
    Ver. 3.70

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    NTA Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mustanggt View Post
    So would this jailbreak 3.70?
    Lol I don't think so.

    Wow they are really putting a lot of work into this.

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Fortunately, yes, you can downgrade from 3.70 to 3.55 but you will need to buy E3. If you didn't know what it is.. PS3news just mentioned it here:


    EDIT: I am on post 75.. Yay!

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    Foo Guest
    Great news, but BAHH!!! When will they do something with 3.7x!!! They spends a lot of time of 3.55.

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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Not only 3.55, they spends alot of time of 3.41 also because they knew some people won't give up 3.41 JB like me.

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    saviour07 Guest
    This looks more and more promising with each update.

    Be interesting to see the initial reaction/adoption of JFW-DH come release...

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    niwakun Guest
    3.55 dudes can just downgrade to 3.41 with QA downgrade. Anyway i'm looking forward for this CFW.

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    Coragin Guest
    Oh boy... another video. I can't wait to see the next video.

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    dyceast Guest
    If this unofficially gets translated to English.. This Firmware will be the BEST!

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