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    I think that time will tell. And didn't your mother always tell you that good things come to those who wait. Look how long it took for someone to break the ps3. Now it will take a while for them to do it again. But i am sure it will happen. Thanks

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    Well, I still believe in the JFW DH and I think we are going to get a proof of a 3.7+/3.6+ game running soon! I would love to see they booting Child of Eden! XD It would be better than seeing a Portal 2 Video.

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    i so can't wait for this awesome news.

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    while this would be great I am still sceptical, this after all is the interweb & until there is some concrete proof, ie a 3.6+ game running then this is nothing more than vaporware, but on the other hand it has been a while since anything has emerged hack wise so maybe they have been working on exploits behind the scenes.

    keeping fingers crossed this isn't a hoax.

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    PS3 Custom FirmWare...

    I have been offline for a while and now I'm back. I have used geohot method to jailbreak my PS3 and installed Kmeaw CFW 3.55.

    I can see the latest firmware version is 3.71.

    What is the latest version of CFW? Anybody please give me a link to a guide to update to the available latest custom firmware from my 3.55.

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    You're already on the latest CFW my friend.

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    Actually, the latest firmware version is not 3.71.. Its 3.72. Yes, you are already on the latest CFW according to HeyManHRU.

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    so all the new games, which require atleast fw 3.60... how to play them?

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    You have two options

    1. Upgrade your PS3 to OFW 3.72 and buy the games or
    2. Buy a new PS3 upgrade it to OFW 3.72 and buy the games

    the benefit of #2 is that u still have a PS3 on CFW

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    I hear this new firmware coming out soon will be able to support those games.

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