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    So why don't you make a c.f.w. ??

    buy a progskeet , make a c.f.w. For us or quit you're whining. If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by spunkybunny View Post
    So far they are all talk and fake videos. Nothing to prove what they are saying. When someone says they actually have the CFW and they can actually run 3.6+ games then I will think it might be real.

    With the PS3 scene NOTHING is real till its released as EVERYTHING that sounds too good is 99% of the time a fake. This sounds too good so I'm not going to bother till its released. I've only watched 1 video, this one and its easily faked so I'm not impressed yet.
    what did you do before c.f.w? What did you do before 3.41 dongles???
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Panic View Post
    It's not true. I think DH was confirmed as a liar and not only that but the JFW project is fake. DH confirmed he isn't releasing it ever. Meaning it was always fake. It never existed in the first place.
    Can you post proof of this. I don't like people bashing others without proof.

    Yes, a lot of us would like to see JFW-DH running Portal 2 as proof of this CFW's abilities but until JFW-DH is either:
    a) Released or
    b) The video of Portal 2 running on it is released then there is nothing lost from believing what DemonHades is saying is true.

    I just don't want to see this thread descend into "I heard this..." and "So-and-So said that..." without Proof and without Just Reason.

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    Even though this video doesn't prove anything, it doesn't mean DemonHades and this whole JFW is fake.

    We don't know whether they got the 3.60+ games working now or if they're still working on it.

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    It is a matter of time. Just kick back and wait. The games will be there when/if it gets released. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by STATECOFFEE View Post
    buy a progskeet , make a c.f.w. For us or quit you're whining. If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

    what did you do before c.f.w? What did you do before 3.41 dongles???
    I've NEVER shown a video trying to pull it off as real. I've NEVER said something on any forum that wasn't real. I'm NOT a faker. THIS video is easily faked so I don't think its real.

    What I have released has worked. I don't do videos, I just do it. I don't go telling everyone of what I'm doing I just go at my own pace doing it then when its finished and tested I release it.

    I dont release anything under my name so you won't find anything if you search but there are people out there that have used my releases and are happy with what I did.

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    It is obvious in the video ~8-9th second that there is "Automatic Download" entry in the "System Settings" column, which of course we all know is not in 3.41.

    My mistake... It is in 3.41... still changing/spoofing the FW will make it show 3.41 if you wish.
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    automatic download is been there since 3.40 firmware.

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    hmmm... its difficult to think its true or not.

    i think time will show the true in few hours we will see..

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    They delayed the 1st October launch, nothing will happen in a few hours except life will go on as normal . Maybe middle or end of October there will be a release but all this is speculation.

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    Mhm maybe you're right... But the hope still dies at the end

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