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    czarj Guest


    can i install this on OFW 3.60??

  2. #232
    HeyManHRU Guest
    No, unfortunately.

    You will need to downgrade first, you can do this by installing a mod chip on your PS3 and following a certain procedure (which can be found in "PS3 Guides & Tutorials" section).

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    NTA Guest
    I like "DHFW"

  4. #234
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I reckon it should be called "DHJFW" .

    Also raer from DemonHades.org is trying to enable us to record gameplay without an external recording device, which would be awesome if he can pull it off .

  5. #235
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    He could have easily installed a PKG fix before he started playing the game, same way I could get a L.A. Noire game disc to work after I install the patch.

    They should have showed something that is completely un-fixable (as of yet) like Portal 2 running.
    Exactly what I thought. The The Tomb Raider Trilogy (BLUS30718) just need a 03.5500 Firmware to run. The EU version (BLES01195) needs 03.5600. And the update makes both of them to an 03.5000.

    So why they shouldn't show us some real games which can't be played at the moment ?

  6. #236
    spunkybunny Guest
    That video proves nothing. I can do exactly like he has and it will be fake. There is no proof the game ran. All he did was show you the first menu. I want to see the game run after a full reboot to prove there is nothing loaded from a backup loader first.

    How about show us Portal 2 running. That'll prove a 3.6x game will work. Try a game that doesn't work instead a game that's already got patches.

    I won't call it real as this is easily faked.

  7. #237
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by SwordOfWar View Post
    I don't have another drive to dump all the data from my internal PS3 drive.
    Surely it's not THAT expensive to get one or at least borrow from someone?

  8. #238
    KillerDAN Guest
    Going 3.56 is far from going 3.56 above and forward...

  9. #239
    ps3slaagg Guest
    oh dear i hope that this is just the tip as this shows nothing new. i hope the statements of 3.6x+ games booting will come true or this is gonna be the biggest let-down of all times ( just another useless cfw ) first the removal of psn and now a vid showing old abilities... time will tell.

  10. #240
    HeyManHRU Guest
    When has there ever been a "useless" CFW?

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