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    Its already translated.. you should check these boards more often..

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    Video will come, before the release. It will have support for all current games. Some keys are out, but if you want the 3.70+ keys U will have to Dump and decode them by hand. It is possible to do that right now... but expensive to get all the tools and hw.

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    IF there's ever an exploit to play current games, i just hope they don't repeat the mistake of showing it so that sony can go and fix it right away. At least let them work for it.

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    i believe when i see this on my ps3 and till now don't believe on them .. it like i also can make some fake video and can say i got 3.72 key etc... as long i did not want to released it ..about SONY etc...

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    Why does it matter if it gets released before or after those games are released? You'll get to play them in the future anyways, just enjoy all the other games you have for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    boss i'd like to know your thoughts.. do you think this will be released in a week or two and play 3.72 plus games..
    Well, aside from "rough translations" and CJPC chatting occasionally with DH on MSN I don't know have any crystal ball for this, so if/when it materializes only time will tell really. As many know I don't actually use any CFW myself (my PS3 is v1.10 and collects dust) so if it was released tomorrow or a year from tomorrow it really wouldn't affect me personally.

    However, I do believe that 3.6+ and 3.7+ stuff (exploits, hacks, CFW, etc) has been done for quite some time, and after the PS3 hackers make enough money from the Chinese (who manufacture the devices) while moonlighting such things will eventually trickle down to a free/scene solution similar to PSGroove, PSGrade, etc.

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    I hope cobra usb updates their fw to support this feature *crosses fingers*

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    They have the root keys which make all this stuff possible.

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