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  1. #181
    hayman Guest
    hope that this CFW will work with all PS3 types fat and slim old and new( special the 60 GB what i still have )
    thakx boyZ keep the good work

  2. #182
    elser1 Guest
    boss i'd like to know your thoughts.. do you think this will be released in a week or two and play 3.72 plus games.. your opinion holds the most weight as far as i'm concerned.. i'm sorry if i put you in an awkard possy with the question. just like to know what the man thinks.. LOL

  3. #183
    saaqi Guest
    wow awesome news, for me I can wait as long as it takes if I can play 3.7+ games on it. In fact I hope they release it after the Uncharted 3 release so Sony won't create another update.

  4. #184
    Ezio Guest
    This is an awesome news if this cfw will do what it promises.

  5. #185
    ZerotakerZX Guest
    Best news since the actual jailbreak!

  6. #186
    HeyManHRU Guest
    It has just been over a year since the original release of the jailbreak . Maybe this could be the Jailbreak 2.0.

  7. #187
    hanglaromaps3 Guest


    Are the Official Firmware 3.60+ with CFW 3.60 (JFW DH PS3) Right? or it is Cfw 3.55 with Official 3.55? i don't understand this Cfw.

  8. #188
    HeyManHRU Guest
    It's 3.41 CFW and 3.56 CFW which can only be installed on 3.55 CFW (from what I've read). If this does happen to work on any other firmwares you'll see it in the news section.

  9. #189
    fady Guest
    I hope that they release it before uncharted 3 & Mw3. I hate rumors.

  10. #190
    1Panic Guest
    Yes every single game. According to what it says. I'll believe it when I see it. Since they are now in a waiting period now we won't see it until like the end of next month. That and doesn't the firmware need to be translated?? Because people believe that when its released it most likely will be in spanish. lol

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