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Thread: Jailbroken with HTC HD2 trying to flash Kmeaw

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    Jailbroken with HTC HD2 trying to flash Kmeaw

    Hi guys, awesome threads in here , before i do something wrong and brick my PS3 , i flash it and jailbroke time ago with the HD2 phone. now i'm trying to Flash kmeaw becouse im tired to plug the phone every time i want to play, lol. Do i need to do some extra work besides update to 3.55 ? like delete all the backups Mgr. After updating to 3.55 do i need to JBreak again ?

    sorry about this questions.. Thanks

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    samiam144 Guest
    If you're on Official firmware 3.55 then all you have to do is put the kmeaw 3.55 update on you card and update from the update menu on your xmb. If that doesn't work, then try flashing the firmware through the recovery menu. Your phone is not needed

    EDIT: Oh wait I misread your question lol. No I don't think so. You would have to if you were updating to an official firmware.

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    I'm on 3.41 , so i download the 3.55 official Update install it and then install the CFW 3.55 , which one is the one with lv2 pkg or the cfw kmeaw?

    i think i posted in the wrong forum... if a moderator want it to move it to help...

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    This is the proper forum, the other is for general PS3 help not Custom Firmware... this section is dedicated to PS3 CFW and MFW topics.

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    al4ex Guest
    You don't need to flash or plug something on your ps3 if you use Kmeaw 3.55 cfw. To install Kmeaw you need to do this steps:

    -instal official 3.55
    -install install Kmeaw 3.55
    and you wil need multiman and bdemu.pkg

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    do i need to install on recovery mode (hold the power button till beps 2 or 3 times) or standard (mean no recovery mode) lol

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    daveribz Guest
    Standard will work fine.

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    Thanks , i'm going to try right now and hope everithing goes smooth and easy. lol

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    costocart Guest
    don't try just do it. nothing will go wrong if you do it correctly. kmeaw is the most stable release.

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    i search for kmeaw and found 2 one with lv2pkg and one just say kmeaw , i read that i have to patch something and the use lv2 pkg , and some of them say no need the lv2pkg that what get me confused , and the for multiman i found 1.17.00 base is that the right one ?

    Ok i just did IT , install kmeaw and multiman 1.17.00 , do i still need to use a original game to boot from external?

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