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Thread: Jailbroken with HTC HD2 trying to flash Kmeaw

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    al4ex Guest
    i use bdemu.pkg and for 90% of the games i don't need a blue ray disk inside. If you want to use lv2 you need to instal the patch on your ps3 and start it before multiman or gaia manager and you will need a bd disk inside! Cheers.

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    thanks, i've been busy at work didn't have time to check back here, but i'm going to try that. I think already install the BDemu.pkg that is for restore BD playback (reading) right ?

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    al4ex Guest
    The BDEMU package is only an install file that puts the LVL-2 package into a folder on your PS3 harddrive. Once installed you can delete the BDEMU.pkg file and use MULTIMAN without ever having to load a LVL-2 pkg.

    So simply put:

    Delete old multiman (just to do a fresh install).
    Install NEWEST multiman.
    Install BDEMU.pkg (puts file onto ps3 harddrive)
    Delete BDEMU.pkg

    Restart Ps3

    Boot multiman and play backups perfectly. Once BDemu is installed you won't need to worry about anything.

    i didn't make step 4 and it's work like a charm !

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