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    dok2033 Guest
    Yes got it done thank you ppr2013, every thing running great n smooth, a question please !

    If I exit IrisM or restart my PS3 is the fan setting going back to default "as ps3 manufactured setting" ?!

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    ppr2012 Guest
    yes.. the custom settings only work when iris or fan control utility is loaded till you restart ps3...

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    dok2033 Guest
    Mush appreciated thanks again.

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    Apr 2005

    Iris Manager 2.65 PS3Mod by PS3 Dev Alexander is Now Available

    Following up on the previous release, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Alexander has updated Iris Manager to Iris Manager 2.65 PS3Mod with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Iris Manager 2.65 By Alexander.pkg

    To quote, roughly translated:


    Added new graphical user interface as in 2.5
    • Fixed minor bugs
    • Improved Stability in CFW's 4:46 LDZ FERROX / HABIB
    • ControlFan Utility (ENG)
    • (Thanks ЯΣIZΛ72 for Testing)

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    Apr 2005

    PS3ITA Manager v1.30 (Iris Manager PS3 Fork) By Rancid-o Arrives

    Following up on PS3ITA Manager v1.20, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Rancid-o has updated his fork of the PS3 homebrew application Iris Manager to PS3ITA Manager v1.30 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: PS3ITA_Manager_v1.30.pkg / PS3ITA_Manager_v1.30.zip (Source Code)

    To quote, roughly translated: v1.30, 21/07/13

    New Features:
    • Added payload 4.41 DEX.
    • Control fan now also supports CFW 4.41 DEX.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: fan control mode is not active by default (mode "# SYSCON"). To activate it enter in the menu "Tools", "Control Fan & USB Wakeup" and choose your preferred mode ("# By User" or "payload").
    • Possibility of make "permanent" the console id inserted by keyboard on screen (ONLY FOR CFW 4.41 DEX).
    • NOTE: the console id will be set automatically when you boot the console, is not necessary start ps3ita manager after every boot (ONLY CFW 4.41 DEX PS3ITA).

    • It possible lower the fan speed in mode "# By User" up to 0x33 (What highly NOT recommended anyway).
    • Possibility also further lower the values ​​of the mode "Payload".

    Problem fixed:
    • Some translation files were saved by mistake with ISO encoding, because of this some accented characters were not displayed.

    Now everything should be fine.

    v1.21, 09/07/13

    • Updated language "CHINESE_SIMPLIFIED" and CHINESE_TRADITIONAL. Thanks to "Liqianyu"!
    • You can now display a total of 1024 games (there were 512 in the previous version). Not tested.

    Problem fixed:
    • Fixed payload 4.46.
    • A simple transcription error did not work properly it.
    • Fixed some problems with mode disc-less (with cfw 4.21 cex and 4.30 cex not work properly).

    Thanks to "Liqianyu" for reporting both problems!!

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    Apr 2005

    Iris Manager 2.7 by Evilnat (Unofficial) for PS3 CFW 4.41 DEX Arrives

    Following up on Iris Manager 2.65 and PS3ITA Manager v1.30, today PlayStation 3 developer Evilnat has updated the PS3 open-source homebrew application to Iris Manager 2.7 (Unofficial) to support the recently released CFW 4.41 DEX compatible Custom Firmware releases.

    Download: EVIPS3-IMANAGER4_00-00PKG0BY0EVILNAT2.pkg / Iris Manager 2.7 by Evilnat (Unofficial) (Mirror) / EVIPS3-IMANAGER4_00-00PKG0BY0EVILNAT2.pkg.938.v2.70.pkg (Mirror #2) / irismanager-4-x-master_LAST.rar (Source Code) / irismanager-4-x-master_LAST.rar (Mirror)

    This latest update is intended for PS3 CFW 4.41 DEX Custom Firmware, such as those from Gunner54 and Rancid-o.

    To quote, roughly translated:

    v2.7 Changes:
    • adding the payload for Custom Firmware 4.41 DEX (Evilnat);
    • adding the payload control fan for Custom Firmware 4.41 DEX

    In related PS3 DEX news Hells Guardian shared a method for DEX consoles to Access Services such as Netflix, Hulu and many others without the need to block anything. It is said that this method should only be used for banned bonsoles, as they kick you off their network.. now you have kicked them off your PS3.

    Access Services Hulu/Netflix etc without blocking anything!

    Read the title folks this is quite handy for the netflix/hulu users out there who have been banned from the PSN. This will cause anything related to the PSN from logging in to creating an account to browsing the store and even the whats new section to simply return a DNS error 80710104. This also Bypasses all game update checks too!!!!

    First you must be running a DEX firmware (rebug is my personal choice.) Steps to enable the bypass (this may work on some older CEX firmwares with QA flag but not on 4.30 but should work on all dex firmwares.)

    1. go to debug settings and find the setting NP Environment
    2. change the NP Environment setting to a blank entry delete whatever is there.
    3. reboot your console and enjoy

    Thanks for reading and enjoy.

    Finally, from atreyu187: Ok this is weird, after doing this and reverting back to CEX since i have dual boot anyhow. Hulu and Crackle still work without PSN. Netflix ask for access to PSN still. And Amazon hasn't needed PSN since the CEX bypass was needed since it was just adjusting a ini file.

    Ok I found out why it works. After the activation it allows you to stay signed in, reverting back to my old xregistry files Hulu asked for PSN access. Seems once you get banned like all legit purchases it becomes disabled.

    Update: An UPDATED quote from Hells Guardian (updated on July 31st): Access Services Hulu/Netflix etc without blocking anything!

    Read the title folks this is quite handy for the netflix/hulu users out there who have been banned from the PSN. This will cause anything related to the PSN from logging in to creating an account to browsing the store and even the whats new section to simply return a DNS error 80710104. This also Bypasses all game update checks too!!!!

    1. Must Start on DEX Convert it using the guides for rebug CFW..
    2. In rebug toolbox under selector section set the following
    Mode: rebug
    XMB operation mode: Debug
    Debug Menu: DEX
    3. Go to debug Settings
    4. Find the setting Update Server URL and change to anything (I used www.fckyousony.net)
    5. Find the NP environment setting under Debug Settings
    6. Change NP environment to a blank/invalid entry
    7. Restart
    8. Try to sign in to make sure you are blocking PSN access

    The Following is optional:

    9. Using the rebug toolbox revert back to CEX
    10. Follow the on screen instructions to reboot (if it dosent just do so)
    11. Try signing in. you should be greated with the same DNS error as when on DEX with an invalid NP.
    12. Enjoy your CEX machine with a PSN bypass.

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    daghost0586 Guest
    hey how about some mirrors letitbit sux!

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    Apr 2005

    Iris Manager v2.51 PS3 Backup Game Manager Updated By Estwald

    Following up on their previous official update, PlayStation 3 developers Estwald and D_Skywalk have now updated the PS3 backup game manager known as Iris Manager to version 2.51 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: Iris Manager v2.51 for v4.XX PS3 CFW / irismanager_2.51_silent.pkg.zip by adygt / GIT

    To quote, roughly translated: Changes in v2.51:
    • Added support for 4.46CFW (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20. Thanks to Rancid-o and company) *Notes: Not tested by myself and i ignore if there are needed additional patches for Rogero 4.46 or if there is some kind of bug. I'm still in 4.40 MiralaTijera... so test it and if there is some problem will see what can be done
    • Updated languages Chinese simplifyed/traditional (Thanks Liqianyu) and portuguese (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20)
    • Added parental block to the settings menus (SELECT and START) based in the parental level of the user profile (readed from xRegistry.sys) to avoid kids entering in such setting menues. When the parental control is configured between 1 and 8 included it will be displayed a message when pressing these buttons

    Finally, in related news King-Kratos (aka Haider Kiara) translated Iris Manager to Arabic with details below, as follows:

    Download: _Iris__ARABIC_Language_By_Haider_Kiara.rar / irismanager- arabic files by haider.rar (Password: ps3gameroom.com) (Note: Just install this pkg after install Iris Manager)

    Hi all, today I finished translation arabic Iris Manager v2.51

    First you need download latest version, now download arabic files from above.

    • Install Iris Manager v2.51
    • Copy folder IMANAGER4 to dev_hdd0/game (using multiman file manager or Iris archive manager)
    • Now run Iris Manager
    • Press the START button and go to tools and go to languages
    • Select custom (from file)

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    saito1234 Guest
    I'd like to request a new feature to implement, if possible...

    To prevent YLOD and overheating problems it would be very nice, if the implemented Fan Control could change the Fan speeds based not only on the CPU temperature, but on the GPU temperature too.

    While playing with graphics heavy games the GPU can overheat very fast, while the CPU still won't be that hot... and since the Fan Control only monitors the CPU temperature it won't increase the Fan speed! So, it would be great, if there would be an option to change the fan speed based on the GPU temps too, also the perfect solution would be, if both could be monitored at the same time, and the Fan speeds could be automatically changed if one of them is too hot.

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    Convoy8X Guest

    Iris Manager 2.66U PS3Mod by PS3 Dev Alexander is Now Available

    Following up on the his previous revision and the last official update, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Alexander has updated Iris Manager to Iris Manager 2.66U (Unofficial) PS3Mod with the changes below.

    Download: IRISMANAGER_UNOF_266U_DISC-LESS_430.pkg (Iris Manager Unofficial v2.66 4.30 Fake Disc) / IRISMANAGER_UNOF_266U_DISCLess_446.pkg (Iris Manager Unofficial v2.66 4.46 Fake Disc)

    To quote from cosimo98, roughly translated: Hi guys, today Alexander has released an unofficial Iris Update Manager, the current version is 2.66U.

    I tested it personally and it is virtually perfect. In this Update Alex has eliminated the need to patch the file to start the games without the disc, therefore, do not need to do is enable the payload discless and games will work without having to start from the disc.

    Another novelty is the fan control utility, time will be set by default on syscon and not of payload. Now I leave you with the words of Alexander.

    In order not to confuse our users or those in general, we decided to release our versions updated by Iris Manager, based on original sources Estwald under the symbol "U" at the end. All our versions will have the build number as well. (IrisManager 2.XXU, 3.XXU).
    This is to be understood that the version you are downloading is that Unofficial, and then released by the team PS3Mod.

    All of our versions will be differentiated by the color of the logo (Blue color with the writing U in the upper right.) With this I apologize also HERMES / Estwald, since I was the first to release that version, but not "invent" something that could serve to distinguish the different versions, although I've always written that my versions were those UNOFFICIAL.

    Regards, Alexander.

    Iris Manager v2.66U Changelog:
    • Updated languages ​​(Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese) - Thanks to liqianyu-LS.
    • Fixed the problem AUDIO output Dolby Digital 5.1 or 2 channels (and not HDMI) - Thanks to Chameleon for reporting.
    • Fixed error 0x80010009 on CFW's 4.46 Habib 1.13/Rogero 1:00 1.01/FERROX
    • Add Payload 4:41 CFW console DEX
    • Adding Portuguese Language Thanks to Rancid-O for both sources
    • Fixed some sources of Payload 4.46
    • Disc Fake 100% Working (Full Disc mode / USB) There are two versions of Iris 266U, one for 446 and 430. (IRISMANAGER_UNOF_266U_DISCLess_446.pkg & IRISMANAGER_UNOF_266U_DISC-LESS_430.pkg)
    • Updated some portions of the language (to be translated) in: ITALIAN, FRENCH, GALEGO, GERMAN, NORWEGIAN, PERSIAN, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE
    • Changed the install destination from "IMANAGER4" to "IMANGER4U." This will serve to not overwrite the official from non-official PS3Mod. (I hope this installation address becomes a starting point for all other versions Unofficial TEAM).
    • Cleaning sources from unnecessary parts.

    Special Thanks BETA TESTERS:
    • Reiza72
    • Luca
    • franci97
    • cosimo98

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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