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    IrisMAN v3.08 PS3 Backup Game Manager with Mamba Payload Arrives

    Following up on his previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer Aldo Vargas (aka Aldostools) made available IrisMAN v3.08 PS3 Backup Game Manager which adds the Mamba Payload for 3.55, 4.30, 4.50 and 4.60 CFW alongside 4.60 Mamba support for Iris Manager v2.93 (Unofficial) and 4.60 Protections Patched from Habib with details below.

    Download: IrisMAN Mod v3.08 / GIT / Retro XMB Creator 1.6.5 / Iris Manager v2.93 (Unofficial) with 4.60 Mamba Support / Iris Manager (Unofficial) with 4.60 Protections Patched

    To quote: What’s new in IrisMAN v3.08?

    Changelog 3.08: (Jul 7/2014)
    • Added mamba support for 4.50 & 4.60 by Joonie (Thanks to Habib, EvilNat, Orion90 for their contributions).
    • Added mamba support for 3.55 & 4.30 by aldostools.
    • Added detection of buttons layout and auto-swap buttons if it’s an asian console (O=Enter). The swap can be forced adding “SwapButtons = 1″ to the settings.ini

    Note: To prevent errors on 4.60, remove any disc from the BD drive when using Discless/Mamba!

    Also from aldostools comes an update to Retro XMB Creator 1.6.5 with the changes below, as follows:

    Changelog for v1.6.5:
    • Now pressing [F1] will open the ICON1.PAM and Manuals Repository created by Redemp on FireDrive for Retro XMB Creator. or alternately you can access in [Preview] mode by right-clicking as seen in the screenshot below.

    Iris Manager v2.93 (Unofficial) with 4.60 Mamba Support

    Following up on his previous release in related PS3 homebrew news today, from Habib (aka smhabib) comes Iris Manager v2.93 (Unofficial) with 4.60 Mamba Support who states:

    Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay of this release. I was so stupid that I didn't checked that iso works without disc in PS3, if i was smart enough to check it without disc 2 days before, you would have seen this release.

    How to Run ISOs:

    1. Change to discless payload
    2. Remove disc
    3. Choose iso and play

    Iris Manager (Unofficial) with 4.60 Protections Patched

    Finally, from Habib (aka smhabib): Sample which does the patching necessary for 4.60 cfw.

    Changelog (since my last unofficial version):

    1. removed splash screen of iris
    2. fvcked sonys new drm mechanism (80010017 when running iso with disc inside and 8001002b when running iso with updates with disc inside)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kalberto Guest
    when it is not using Discless, and want to use bd drive with disc, it'll error on 4.60 or not ?

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    IrisMAN v3.11 PS3 Backup Game Manager by Aldostools is Updated

    Following up on his previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer Aldo Vargas (aka Aldostools) made available IrisMAN PS3 Backup Game Manager v3.09 followed by v3.10, v3.11, v3.12, v3.13, v3.14, 3.15 (with Popcorn Edition), v3.16, v3.17, v3.18, v3.19, v3.20, v3.21, v3.22, v3.23+, v3.24, v3.24+, v3.25, v3.25+, v3.27 and v3.28 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: IRISMAN.pkg (v3.29) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.28) / Last Play v1.00 / Last Play v1.01 / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.27) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.25+) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.25) / IRISMAN_3.24+.pkg / PRX Mamba Loader.pkg / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.24) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.23+) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.18 / v3.19 / v3.20 / v3.21 / v3.22) / IRISMAN_320_TEST2.pkg / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.17) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.16) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.15 Popcorn Edition) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.15 Popcorn Edition) (New Icon Only) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.15) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.14) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.13) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.12) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.11) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.10) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.09) / GIT

    To quote: Changelog 3.29 (Sep 15/2014)
    • Game Options now loads faster and looks better (The PIC1.PNG is not longer displayed by default as the background picture. It caused delays and memory issues. It can be re-enabled via settings.ini)
    • Added support to use any JPG/PNG image as background picture (Browse the image in File Manager, press X to view it in full screen and press SQUARE to set it as background picture)
    • Added option to display covers with/without box (SELECT+SQUARE)
    • Added support for lastGAME SS [NPEA00374]

    Update: Added 4.6x Cobra detection to avoid ODE patches on Habib's CFW

    Changelog 3.28 (Sep 12/2014)
    • Added Finnish language (thanks to jisola)
    • Added support for multiMAN's lastGAME and IRIMAN's LastPlay
    • Fixed freeze issue after unmount a ntfs device on File Manager using SELECT+SQUARE
    • New mounted ntfs devices are now listed on File Manager
    • Fixed last selected game when the item is on a ntfs device

    Last Play v1.01
    • Fixed BD-Mirror games. LastPlay was not returning them to their original folder. Therefore they failed to mount.
    • Added mamba payloads to the installer.
    • Read the fan control settings from IRISMAN00

    Last Play v1.00

    This is an alternative for multiMAN's Last Game based on IRISMAN. Main features:
    • Based on IRISMAN to reduce the conflicts with payloads for IRISMAN/Iris forks users.
    • Support for all CFW payloads already supported by IRISMAN (including mamba and 4.60/4.65 CEX)
    • Support all media supported by IRISMAN (PS3/PSX/PS2/PSP/etc.)
    • Support both multiMAN** and IRISMAN last played games

    **Some features in the LASTPLAY.BIN configuration file are not supported.

    Changelog 3.27 (Sep 8/2014)
    • Fixed the new drm patch by Habib for 4.6x (it had a typo: a missing 01 in the patch) (Includes the fix error 0x8001002B, same as 3.25+. I removed it in 3.26, but the black screens returned)
    • Fixed the offset for the lv2 Memory Protection on 4.60/4.65 and now it's enabled by default.
    • Reverted the payload_460.c: Removed the fix_error function due I found it more difficult to port for future versions

    Changelog 3.25+ (Sep 6/2014)
    • Removed the debug message (left by mistake) that showed "failed" when an ISO was mounted
    • Updated the patch to fix error 17 on 4.60/4.65 with the new patch by Habib

    Some notes on IRISMAN.pkg (v3.25+) from aldostools and the updated PRX Mamba Loader.pkg:
    • This is an "unofficial" version of Iris Manager 2.93 by Estwald/D-Skywalk. This version includes all the new Cobra/Mamba payload and ISO features added by Estwald.
    • The changes that I made are mainly related to the user interface (buttons layout are more XMB-like, quick access to File Manager, progress bar when game list is scanned or file permissions are applied, colors, 16 gui modes, etc.).
    • It also includes the Payloads from Rancid-O's PS3ITA Manager, Joonie and Habib. The most notable feature is that unlike the official version, it scans GAMES/GAMEZ on the external drives.
    • New mamba payloads for 3.55 / 3.55D / 4.21 / 4.21D /4.30 / 4.31 / 4.40 / 4.41 / 4.41D / 4.46 / 4.46D /4.50 / 4.50D / 4.53 / 4.53D / 4.55 / 4.55D / 4.60 / 4.65.
    • Now PS3 ISOs are playable on all these CFW without need of Cobra support.
    • IMPORTANT: If you use webMAN on Cobra CFW, unmount any mounted game before launch IRISMAN.

    Changelog 3.25 (Sep 5/2014)
    • Fixed a regression that prevented launch movies when global BD-Mirror was enabled.
    • Added support for BDISO on non-Cobra CFW (using mamba)

    Changelog 3.24+ (Aug 30/2014)
    • Added anti-ODE patches by Habib (ported from 4.60 to 4.65 - It seems to fix the black screen on some games in JB format when BD Mirror is enabled)
    • Fixed a bug in File Manager always returning 0 MB free for /dev_blind (preventing to write content to the flash device)

    Changelog IRISMAN v3.24 (Aug 27/2014)
    • Added support for CFW 4.65 CEX (Ported by Joonie)
    • Added support for mamba on CFW 4.65 CEX (Ported by Joonie)

    Changelog 3.23+ (Aug 20, 2014)
    • Added a new Global BD Mirror option (thanks to 小悠 for the idea)
    • Moved the 18 internal mamba payloads outside of the RELOAD.SELF. It should free some RAM and now the mamba payloads can be added without having to make a new build.

    Changelog 3.22 (Aug 19, 2014)
    • Moved the 3 internal songs outside of the RELOAD.SELF. This saves aprox. 425KB of RAM and avoid the black screen issues reported recently on 4.60.
    • Reduced the size of one PNG to save additional 50KB of RAM.
    • Added support for up to 50 external songs in "mod" format.
    • Added support to list prepNTFS on Homebrew list.

    What's New in 3.21 (Aug 18, 2014):
    • Fixed a regression from 3.15 that prevented that PS3 ISO could be mounted.

    What's New in 3.20 (Aug 17, 2014):
    • Added mamba support for 3.55 DEX and 4.31 CEX (Ported by Joonie)
    • Supported CFW using mamba are: CEX: 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.31/4.40/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55/4.60 and DEX: 3.55/4.21/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55
    • IRISMAN can be used *with limited functions* even if the CFW syscalls are disabled (e.g. by PSN Patch or webMAN-MOD). (Games cannot be mounted and some other features may not work properly)
    • Added option to mount PSX ISOs with SELECT+X if the CFW supports Cobra or Mamba. (This option uses Cobra method, instead of the direct launch using the PS1 emu)

    What's New in 3.19:
    • Added mamba support to 4.21DEX. Ported by Joonie
    • Removed non-working mamba payloads (3.41/3.55DEX) from EBOOT

    What's New in 3.18:
    • Added mamba support for 4.53 DEX (Thanks to Joonie)
    • Updated the translation for Chinese Simplified (thanks to 小悠)
    • Fixed an awful bug where the PSX ISO was replaced with the config file when the settings were saved

    What's New in 3.17:
    • Added support for 4.53 DEX by Joonie.

    • Discless Addons now includes a fixed explore_plugin_460.sprx by Orion90
    • Added a smaller Discless Addon package for 4.60 CEX only. (If you already downloaded the Addons Pack install this PKG to fix the corrupted explore_plugin_460.sprx)

    What's New in 3.16:
    • Fix to prevent freeze accessing Game Options on PS3 ISOs on non-NTFS devices
    • Disabled a patch in the payload 4.60 that was causing a black screen on 4.60 Habib

    What's New in 3.15 (Popcorn Edition):
    • Small update to version 3.15 - Popcorn Edition
    • New icon.
    • The "Scanning games" message is now displayed everytime the game list is refreshed.
    • Fixed a couple of minor regressions.
    • The menus options are now more transparent.
    • Changed the label "Mount BDVD" to "BD Mirror" (to standardize the terms)
    • Updated SHOWTIME.SELF from 4.5.328 to 4.7.95 (mod by deank)

    What's New in 3.15:
    • Faster list of games and movies stored on ntfs devices (almost instant vs. +10 seconds in earlier versions)
    • Better support for direct play of movies stored on ntfs/ext (now all audio/video can be played directly, instead of only *mount* MKV or ISO as dev_bdvd)
    • New filter by name (e.g list only all games or movies that start with 'M')
    • Create ISO from File Manager
    • Faster creation of ISOs (removed some unnecessary code)
    • Added new ftp SITE COPY/PASTE to the FTP Server protocol
    • Improved Hex Editor (e.g. select bytes to copy with [ ])
    • And other things that I may have forgotten

    BONUS TIP: While testing the movies on NTFS I noticed that some movies played fine while for others Showtime returned an error about invalid content. It was a weird error due, while a movie stored in a folder played fine from IRISMAN, another copy *of the same movie* returned the error. So definitively it was not an encoding bug.

    The solution that I found is: make a COPY the "corrupted" movie to another folder with the File Manager and the new copy will start playing fine Then you can delete the one with problems. I hope this tip help some users that prefer watch movies

    What's New in 3.14:
    • Fix in File Manager for the "0.00 MB free" space left reported after copy.
    • Fixed incorrect status returned in read_from_registry function.

    What's New in 3.13:
    • Updated code with mamba 1.35 released by Joonie (This release adds mamba support for 4.41DEX and fixes some wrong symbols on 4.46DEX)
    • Updated UMOUNT_SYSCAL_OFFSET in payload_460.c with fixed offset found by zar
    • Fixed issue displaying the free space on multiple devices in the File Manager
    • Added option to jump to root pressing SELECT+/\ if the cursor is over

    What's New in 3.12:
    • Added display of free disk space for all devices on File Manager.
    • Fixed issue creating LV1 / LV2 in File Manager: Dumps will be created on the selected device.
    • Fixed issue that limited some functions on File Manager by Parental Control.
    • Added French & Spanish translation to some labels on Global menu. (Thanks to littlebalup)

    What's New in 3.11:
    • Merged mamba with updates by Joonie for 4.46DEX (Rebug).
    • Added fix ATTRIBUTE for games with PS3_EXTRA.
    • Fixed bug in prxloader.self

    What's New in 3.10:
    • Fixed a regression from 3.09 in the BD Emu functions (aka BD Mirror).

    What's New in 3.09:
    • Added mamba support for 4.21 CEX, 4.40 CEX, 4.41 CEX. Thanks to Joonie.
    • Added Habib’s fixes for errors 80010017 and 8001002b when running ISO with updates with disc inside.
    • Added the patches for errors 8001003C, 8001003D, 8001003E from webMAN (by DeanK).
    • Fixed an issue listing NTFS games only and listing NTFS devices on FTP.

    In related PlayStation 3 homebrew news aldostools also released PS3 Get CFW Symbols 1.4 with the changes detailed below.

    Download: GetSymbols.rar

    About: This new tool is for DEVELOPERS only!! It helps to find the memory offsets of the CFW functions (aka symbols). Although the tool cannot find all the symbols, it's able to find up to 80% of them, leaving more time to the developer to focus on other more productive tasks.

    This tool helped me and Joonie to port the mamba payload to 3.55, 4.21, 4.30, 4.31, 4.40, 4.41, 4.50. This means that now you can play ISOs on these versions of CFW using IRISMAN and even on other Iris forks.


    New is v1.5.3:
    • Fixed a bug parsing "patch_func2_offset".

    New is v1.5.2:
    • Added Ctrl+G to go to an specific address in Interactive mode.

    New is v1.5:
    • Fixed a stupid bug finding the syscall_table_offset for DEX. Added shortcut to the calculator, and new commands to find syscalls.

    Version 1.4:
    • Now can find the RTOC offsets thanks to a new method provided to me by Joonie. THANKS to him!!!

    Version 1.3:
    • Added a new interactive mode to search an entered symbol and display the found symbol and values in hex viewer format.

    Finally, PlayStation 3 developer aldostools made available some updates to WebMAN below, as follows:

    Download: webMAN_1.29_(vanilla_mod_for_4.60)_v3.rar / webMAN_MOD+_1.29.5U4.rar / webMAN_MOD_1.29.4_src.7z / webMAN_MOD_1.30U.rar (webMAN-MOD 1.30.16) / webMAN_MOD_1.30.22_Updater.pkg

    The webMAN in Both packages include the Habib’s fixes that solve the errors 80010017 and 8001002b when running ISO with updates with disc inside.

    They can be loaded on 4.60 using PRX Loader 1.05 (unofficial) or the upcoming 4.60 Habib Cobra. They work also on the existing Cobra and non-Cobra CFW previously supported.

    Credits to DeanK who helped me to figure some syscall addresses (he's also the original creator of this masterpiece). Matsumot0 who helped me to fix some bugs that I had in his awesome mod. Joonie, EvilNat & Habib for the symbols for 4.60. Also Orion90 & checcolin for the tests and reports.

    The WebMAN 1.29.5U4 now fixes the SELECT+R3 not working and I also changed the combo to disable CTRLFAN from R2+L3+Triangle to R2+L3+SELECT (to prevent a conflict with PSNPatch that also uses R2+L3+Triangle for Safe mode).

    If you have webMAN already running:

    1. Download this file: deanbg.com/category_game.zip
    2. Extract the category_game.xml included in the zip to a folder on the PC
    3. Go to the setup page of webMAN on the browser e.g.: http://your_ps3_ip_address/setup.ps3
    4. Put a check mark on: Enable /dev_blind (writable /dev_flash) on startup and save the options.
    5. Restart the PS3 (Only needed if the option was unchecked!!)
    6. Open an FTP Client and access your ps3 at ftp://your_ps3_ip_address:21/
    7. Browse to /dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb
    8. Upload and replace the category_game.xml with the one extracted on step 2.
    9. Reboot. Enjoy!

    webMAN MOD 1.30.22 Multi 19 (2014-8-27):
    • Added support for CFW 4.65 CEX

    From aldostools: This is an English-Only version of the Cobra build of webMAN-MOD 1.30.22. So it doesn't have the option to load the language files in the setup (and the external language files are not needed by this version).

    Download: webftp_server_english.sprx

    As result, the uncompressed ELF is almost 20KB smaller than the multi-language version. Thus, theoretically it should be a bit more memory efficient for the users that don't need the multi-language feature.

    webMAN-Mod v1.30.23 by [email protected] / aldostools

    webMAN MOD is a [email protected]'s modified version of webMAN 1.30 plugin developed by deank.

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.23 Multi 19 (2014-9-12):
    • Fixed issues with PRX+Mamba Loader on 4.65 and added support for 4.65 Cobra
    • Changed LV2 memory protection offset for 4.55 (It was using offset for 4.53).

    Download: webMAN-MOD v1.30.23

    This fork provides additional features like user-friendly smart installer/updater for Cobra and NonCobra, IDPS/PSID spoof, support for 19 languages using external files, disable cfw syscalls, remote peek/poke/find in LV1/LV2, remote backup to HDD and from HDD to USB, among other improvements.

    The source code is available at: github.com/aldostools/webMAN-MOD

    Compatible with Cobra CFW 4.46/4.53/4.55 and with non-cobra CFW up to 4.65 using PRX Loader / VSH PRX Loader by user.

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.24 Multi 19 (2014-9-13):

    Download: webMAN-MOD v1.30.24
    • Updated fan control routines to add support for cfw 4.21-4.53 DEX
    • Added shortcut to toggle Cobra (it was available only for Rebug)
    • Fixed broken display of table of shortcuts
    • Updated payloads for 4.60 & 4.65 with the newest ODE patches by Habib

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.25 Multi 19 (2014-9-15):

    Download: webMAN-MOD v1.30.25
    • Improved the display of covers for ISO and net_host games
    • Added the leading zeroes to display properly the IDPS/PSID
    • Added support for GAMES_DUP on FAT32 devices

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.26 Multi 19 (2014-9-16):

    Download: webMAN-MOD v1.30.26
    • Updated toggle ps2_emu (SELECT+L2+R2) to support 4.65 Habib Cobra

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.27 Multi 19 (2014-9-18):

    Download: webMAN-MOD v1.30.27
    • Fixed regression loading games from /video folder (thanks to [email protected])
    • Added habib's patches for booting speedup on 4.60 & 4.65 (thanks to [email protected])
    • Added support to swap ps2emu (ps2_emu.self.swap, ps2_gxemu.self.swap & ps2_netemu.self.swap) on 4.65 Habib Cobra
    • Added option to enable In-Game Screenshot using R2+O (code by Mysis. it was already added by deank to webMAN, but the code was commented)
    • Improved how IDPS/PSID are shown using R2+O

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.28 Multi 19 (2014-9-18):

    Download: webMAN-MOD v1.30.28
    • Added support to mount PS2 Classics (.BIN.ENC files must be copied to /PS2ISO. It could work from /ISO on FAT32 but it has to copy the file to hdd0 each time a game is mounted)
    • Added optional display of PS2 Classic Launcher (Placeholder) on PS2 Group like PSP Launcher
    • Added support for symbolic link copy from hdd0 to hdd0 (This also improves the speed of FTP's copy/paste commands)
    • Added new messages for PS2 Classics for 19 language files
    • Optimized a bit the speed of scanned content
    • Bug fix scanning games on /video folder
    • Fixed messages enabling/disabling Cobra

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.29 Multi 19 (2014-9-19):

    Download: webMAN-MOD v1.30.29
    • Fixed regression from 1.30.28 scanning split isos (.iso.0)

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.30 Multi 19 (2014-9-28):

    Download: webMAN-MOD v1.30.30
    • Reduced memory foot-print usage when some content is not scanned (eg. PS2, PSP, PSX or Movies)
    • Updated Italian translation (thanks to dino05)
    • Added PS2 Classics for the nonCobra build
    • Removed some dead code for the nonCobra build
    • Some fixes for the display of the icons
    • Added support for BIG 5 (Chinese encoded text)

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    Can you add mount blue ray option back in none of my games work now without it I'm using the new rogero leaked cfw many thanks

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    Hugo12317 Guest
    How Can I Use FTP in multiman make new join anonymous with pass is anonymous and work now only set IP how i can use in total commander please?

    Sorry in irisman and nothing more, with multiman work

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    Apr 2005

    IrisMAN v3.30, BD Unmount and PS3 File Manager Tools by Aldostools

    Following up on his previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer Aldo Vargas (aka Aldostools) made available IrisMAN PS3 Backup Game Manager v3.30 / v3.30+ alongside BD Unmount and PS3 File Manager Tools and more with the changes outlined below.

    Download: IRISMAN.pkg (v3.30+) / IRISMAN.pkg (v3.30) / IRISMAN.pkg (Mirror) / BDUnmount.pkg / FileManager.pkg / IRISMAN_Discless_Addon.pkg / IRISMAN_Lite.pkg / LastPlay.pkg / PRX Mamba Loader.pkg / IRISMAN (Latest Versions) Folder / GIT / Iris Manager 2.93 (Unofficial 4.65 CFW Support Update) by BillGates / PS3.Tools.Collection.v2.7.38-(02-28-2015)

    Changelog 3.30+ (Sep 28/2014)
    • Increased size* of selected icon on Coverflow *Size is configurable via settings.ini. Example: CoverflowSize = 5
    • Added Habib's boot speedup patch on 4.60/4.65 (performance increase is barely noticeable)

    Changelog 3.30 (Sep 17/2014)
    • Fixed a bug accessing the some ISO menus when display of PIC1 as background is disabled
    • Added option to load the old anti-ODE patch by habib (like it was before 3.25+)

    For this, change habib_patch = 2 to 3 on settings.ini:

    0 = disabled
    1 = new patch
    2 = new patch except 4.65 Habib Cobra
    3 = old patch

    I created some new tools based on IRISMAN:

    BD Unmount
    • It's like BD Reset made by deank. This tool supports all CFW versions currently supported by IRISMAN (3.41, 3.55, 4.21 to 4.65)

    File Manager
    • It's a repack of IRISMAN 3.29 Lite Edition that starts directly in the File Manager and returns to XMB, instead of the Game List.

    Last Play v1.01

    This is an alternative for multiMAN's Last Game based on IRISMAN.

    Main features:
    • Based on IRISMAN to reduce the conflicts with payloads for IRISMAN/Iris forks users.
    • Support for all CFW payloads already supported by IRISMAN (including mamba and 4.60/4.65 CEX)
    • Support all media supported by IRISMAN (PS3/PSX/PS2/PSP/etc.)
    • Support both multiMAN** and IRISMAN last played games

    **Some features in the LASTPLAY.BIN configuration file are not supported.

    Changes in 1.01:
    • Fixed BD-Mirror games. LastPlay was not returning them to their original folder. Therefore they failed to mount.
    • Added mamba payloads to the installer.
    • Read the fan control settings from IRISMAN00

    PRX + Mamba Loader v1.01 (similar to PRX Loader)

    This tool can be used to load webMAN with PS3 ISO support on non-Cobra CFW.

    The tool is based on IRISMAN. It simply loads the CFW payloads & patches, installs the mamba payload in memory and starts the VSH PRX loader with webMAN-MOD.

    Edit the included plugins.txt found in /dev_hdd0/game/IRISMAN01/USRDIR to load additional plugins.

    Thanks to: Estwald, u$er, Joonie, Habib, deank, Cobra Team

    • Currently load: webMAN 1.30.26
    • Fixed the issue with idps/fan controller on 4.65

    Note: More updates to WebMAN are located at the bottom of the article HERE as well.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    wabou Guest
    Thank you

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    Eachmall Guest
    Good article, but I can share it to other social sites.

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    I have now updated the main article with Iris Manager 2.93 (Unofficial 4.65 CFW Support Update) by BillGates as well.

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    after watching the video posted above if i install the discless payload would this work like the mountbd option in older versions?

    my bd drive is broken so cant play with disc in drive and had a bit of mare cause previously updated firmware and installed the irisman 3.30 without watching video and all games black screened so had to downgrade again.

    any help would be much appreciated many thanks

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