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Thread: Internal HD upgrade question on Kmeaw CFW

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    m127 Guest

    Internal HD upgrade question on Kmeaw CFW

    I have a 160gb hd, which has quickly filled up. I'd like to upgrade to a larger internal drive.

    I'm on kmeaw 3.55 custom firmware. Question is, is the hard drive swap going to affect the custom firmware? I know how to backup the game saves etc. But am just nervous about the firmware issue. Can I just swap the drives, and firmware stays as suppose to be?

    Thanks for the help.

    Know its prob a noob question, but i am learning...

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    severusx Guest
    It will not affect the CFW in any way. You will need to reinstall any Homebrew apps and copy your Saves, Media, and backed up Games back to it but you CFW will be fine.

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    m127 Guest
    Great. I'll have my cfw ready on my thumbdrive just in case. New drive has arrived so I hope everything goes smoothly.

    Thanks for the help and suggestions.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    it depends if you have a slim or one of the later model ps3s that have the 16MB nand you will need to reinstall your firmware i would suggest redownload your 3.55 kweam and put it on a pendrive and have it ready just in case, and also you need to uninstall any spoof you may have before you swap your drive because if you don't and if you have to reinstall your firmware it will ask for whatever you had spoofed (3.56 or 3.60).

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    m127 Guest


    I was successfully able to upgrade the internal hard drive. I needed the cfw available on a thumb drive, as it asked for it. Other than that, everything went smoothly.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    al4ex Guest
    connect your new and old ps3 hdd to your desktop pc and make a raw copy from old hdd to new one! This needs to work. Cheers

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Your PC will not recognize the PS3 HDD, because it's crypted.

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