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    jetli68 Guest

    internal games don't show up in gaia manager with cfw

    hi there i got my ps3 running 3.55 cfw. i installed the latest gia manager and mm manager now if i go to gia the games on my internal hd do not show up.

    but they do in mm but i need them to show up in gaia cos i need the cd to work and mm does not do the cd emu thing. is there any way to make them show up in gaia manager ?



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    hobbs Guest
    You probably installed the gaia GAMEZ package thats why when you unrar gaia there are 3 dif packages inside install the one that says UP0001-GAIA01985_00-7679866932773369-V2.07-GAMES and you will see all ur games like you do in multiman cause thats the folder directory mm uses.

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    jetli68 Guest
    tried this and now my games on my ext do not show up ? just the ones on internal.


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    whompus60 Guest
    Then your external is using Folder GAMEZ. Rename that folder on external to GAMES and you should be ok. MultiMan Looks for both folders when it starts.

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    hobbs Guest
    Exactly what whompus said lol..

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