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    installing packages on a 3.55 cfw

    do i have to install the test.pkg to install other packages like multiMan backup manager, themes, and other stuff... ect??

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    Sep 2010
    test.pkg ==> for testing.

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    ok. so when i download one of the files for an example multiMAN backup manager how/where do i save it one my flash drive?

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    Sep 2010
    Just put it in the root of the flash drive.

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    What’s the root of the flash drive?

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    Not that you think I drew a smily:

    x being the drive letter. So when you put a test.pkg f.ex. to it, it should look like:


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    the root is main/start not sure? start with a new format fat32 usbstick, put the pkg there.. no map no nothing.

    vola the ROOT YES.

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    OK i'll try it out.

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