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    NTA Guest
    1000 million = 1 billion lol

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    nataur Guest
    I've noticed that people are putting up links on random places on the internet, saying that they have a 4.10 or 4.11 CFW. I've managed to get my hands on quite a few of those files, just to see what they were. All of them were in locked ZIP or RAR archives, and it took a few hours just to crack the passwords, but the content in the archives turned out to be the OFW equivalent or a blank firmware all together.

    The most I've heard about the legit CFW is that they can't quite run anything yet but they can install packages, and that 4.11 is pretty much limited the same way as 4.10 at the moment. Does anyone else get the feeling that they are kind of paranoid about just releasing another CFW due to recent events. KaKaRoTo is awesome, but a C&D would scare the hell out of anybody.

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    dantesparda3 Guest
    all my friend sorry for thous people who cant downgrade ps3 (he must fine psn generator)

    i am play games on my xbox360 jtag from 3 year (there is no need cfw) (no need update or downgrade) ps3 90% game all ready available in xbox360 (play game from external hdd or internal hdd) no need to buy dvd only download and play (why ps3 is Sucks)

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    NTA Guest
    Learn some programming and make one. The things we want aren't always the things we need

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    mousen Guest
    Thanks for this

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    XBoy360 Guest
    don't understand, what it is?

    its custom? install PKG is working? Who is try?

  7. #87
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Is there a free software hack to play backed-up games from your HDD on the 360? A CFW PS3 with dongle would give you 95% of all the games released on the PS3 to be playable. Also you're not voiding any warranty unless you downgrade. Which you would be doing anyway if you hacked your 360.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Does some one understand what this guy means ?

    dantesparda3 So you know that i have a E3 Flasher and want to sell it ? Sure ? Well i don't have a E3 Flasher. I have a progskeet but anyway. Your assumption is just to fake the scene with your useless info and now that we have demasked you you just come up with BS that the PS3 sucks. So why you then here ?

    Ahh yes sorry forgot... you want to save 1000 million peoples. Right.. your a kind "grand master over all" and just want to help understand. And yes i work for sony with a bill of 80.000 € per year.

    Also in case of i work for sony and you have demasked me i work on kicking out teams of the scene and have posted a POC of ps3 ram dump to get hands on game elf's. And for the same reason i have told you in the previous set a other team member of my team have released a PS3 SPU emulator for the standart x86 pc.

    Oh Boy what a clown you are

    ps. I attached my E3 flasher for you ^^

  9. #89
    elser1 Guest
    some people must have really sad and pathetic lives or have such a small weak mind that spreading this kind of stupidity gives them there jollies.

    really why bother. its fake... so leave it there.

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    happyfeet001 Guest
    happy, happy, joy, joy..

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