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    elser1 Guest
    i think this needs to be deleted and a few bans handed out my self. theres other sites you can go to and spread your bs. ps3 news is troll free mate and also cfwprophet has alot of respect here so be careful.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    For now we'll leave it open so anyone who wants to can reply to get it out of their system, but later today I will nuke, close, etc as necessary.

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    rafael1 Guest
    how did you downgrade your ps3 in mine it's doesn't work. my ps3 says no applicable update.

  4. #74
    doenermesser2k Guest
    I known, that this Downgrade doesnt work. But i tested it.

    Result: No downgrade from 4.11 to 3.66 with this method !!! or i am to stupid

  5. #75
    rafael1 Guest
    lol i think it's possible but i don't know how

    someone can help me with this method?

  6. #76
    nanakana Guest
    i want a 4.11 jailbreak

  7. #77
    doenermesser2k Guest
    rafael1 What in the other posts you didn't understand? No way to downgrade with these method !!!

    dantesparda3 and his fake friends told many unbelievable bs.

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    dantesparda3 Guest
    yes i am help you come to my skype for people i found something more for you people (no need to downgrade ps3 found (PSN Code Generator) you can download games on your ps3 and play its from ps3 hdd

  9. #79
    rafael1 Guest
    i added you on skype it's rafael masse

  10. #80
    dantesparda3 Guest
    (PSN mean Playstation Network Card) i am found for you people you are found for me quickly we can save 1000 million people money

    we play online and offline with this

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