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  1. #41
    jkewl999 Guest
    i've been away awhile... so 3.55 still latest?

  2. #42
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yes, and will it probably will be the latest forever. I reckon BD drive mods are the future of the PS3 scene.

  3. #43
    glonyx Guest
    nice tutorials. i will try this soon. hope it gives no problems

  4. #44
    raymondboy Guest
    So is there any cfw for ps3 4.11?

  5. #45
    HeyManHRU Guest
    No, you will need to downgrade to 3.55 fw via a mod-chip to install CFW.

  6. #46
    dantesparda3 Guest
    All my friend at lost i found downgrade of ps3 4.11 without e3 flasher there is trick (first we need 3.66fw simple install in ps34.11 and final than install 3.55cfw) that must work it yeah

  7. #47
    daveboy Guest
    Hi I'm Dave, Luke to know if you had try this method yourself. And is there a video or a step by step post that can be followed.

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  8. #48
    DevilKings Guest
    yeah Dantesparda3 that works i downgrade ps3 4.11 first i updated to 3.66 than i update to 3.55 that work wow (every one Dantesparda trick work)

    Yes yes yes (let me thanks Dantesparda3)

  9. #49
    miandad Guest
    does anyone else try it? both are new member and there 1 and 2 post !

  10. #50
    dantesparda3 Guest
    if any one have problem 4.11 to 3.55 downgrade without e3 flasher i am help him call me in skype id is imran.zafar15 (And say thanks to me)

    everyone check must that works

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