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  1. #21
    littlepony Guest
    Good info

  2. #22
    tuaregpr71 Guest
    good news

  3. #23
    thaycar Guest
    I look forward to some good news, because I do not play it a few months something new, or updated without the bios of the ps3.

  4. #24
    Nikto Guest
    no way

  5. #25
    petkwa Guest

  6. #26
    AndrewHipolite Guest
    The title of this thread is misleading (it doesn't have a question mark), it made me believe that someone found a way to install kmeaw 3.55 PS3 CFW on 4.11 console.

  7. #27
    modguru Guest
    this post is real ? no to my opinion

  8. #28
    loumeros Guest

  9. #29
    mmmsjm Guest
    Got me a little excited.

  10. #30
    dantesparda3 Guest
    Suck man its not working

    there is no way to downgrade without e3 flasher

    all my friend help how to downgrade 4.11 to 3.55 without e3 flasher with any sofware

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