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Thread: IL 2 - Sturmovik on internal HDD with Kmeaw CFW

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    MrNeil Guest

    IL 2 - Sturmovik on internal HDD with Kmeaw CFW


    I have PS3 Slim with kmeaw 3.55 and multiman 2.06

    I would like to run IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prety on my internal HDD. I have read i have read "Requires directories PS3_UPDATE, LIC_DIR and file PS3_DISK.SFB to be deleted and the use of a modified PARAM.SFO file from the DEMO version for Internal and Discless use."

    When using the demo param.sfo, it stated unsupported data and the game would not load. I then tried changing the Data type from HG to DG - this ended up in black screen. From here i tried both the changed data type from hg to dg, and changing the Title ID from NPEB 90167 to BLUS 30424 with the same result.

    I know i can run this from external.. but i'd like to run it from internal.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Did it work with the original param.sfo? There was no need for you to use the param.sfo from the demo version.

    I had a similar problem a while back, I just used the param.sfo from a different game and used a SFO editor (which I have included in the attachments) to change the name and the game ID.

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    MrNeil Guest
    Original Param.sfo did not work. I just tried a param.sfo from another game with the title and ID changed with no luck

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Some games can't run from the PS3s HDD (Internal) so I would suggest you play it of your external HDD or try different managers.

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    MrNeil Guest
    Yeah. Works fine as a bd mirror in multiman... i'm probably being too picky!

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