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Thread: i need help with kmeaw and games

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    Igame Guest

    i need help with kmeaw and games

    i'll start with a simple intro so we're in the pig picture I'm running a cfw 3.55 Kmeaw with (multiman+lv2patcher)

    i was able to back up games from discs I own to an external 1TB hard drive and they work

    i downloaded a game (cod4) from the torrent and when i opened it, it looked like this ( I added the pics so it would be more clear )

    as you can see its more than 60 files

    when i copied them to my external 1tb hard drive in the folder (GAMES), I couldn't find it using multiman

    i tried to create a folder that looks like the ones multiman created for the previous games i'd copied (BLES00044 or something) and still nothing

    but now i can't copy it to my fat32 coz it mor than 4 GB. how can i create that (BLES29934 something) folders ?

    what can i do with .iso ? and what do you advise me in the future when it comes to downloadable games ??

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    barrybarryk Guest
    first you'll have to extract the iso image from the rar's, then extract the contents of the iso image itself to get the game files and folders (either by mounting the iso or burning the image to a disc or using any disc image software like power iso etc). Google how to extract the iso if you're stuck.

    piracy wrong, people losing jobs yadda yadda...

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    Igame Guest
    many thx to you + rep

    ohhh one more thing, i extracted to 3 sup folders do i need to put them in (BLESxxxx) folder

    if yes then how can i find the real name for it?

    sorry again i'm a newb

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    barrybarryk Guest
    don't worry about the real name just put the 3 folders together, most (if not all) backup managers get the game name from the param.sfo

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    Igame Guest
    thx again mate

    i can't express how grateful I am

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    it seems that your problem is solved.. If it is not then you can contact me too.. Thanks..

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    Igame Guest
    gonna run a quick test and i'll brb

    Edit: multiman was able to locate the game and load it

    unfortunately it didn't start, all i got is a black screen display an (80010017) error

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    Abigoriktus Guest
    Hey man, you need to run modern warfare 1 and 2 off an external and press select + x to load it, that`s the only way.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    you need to run multiman and use the select+x and run it from an external drive, now that that is done.


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