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    max59x Guest

    Question How to install OTHEROS++ Ubuntu on the PS3 easily?

    Hi guys,

    I'm waiting for a LONG time to install Ubuntu on my Slim CECH2004A PS3. I couldn't find a recent, user-friendly tutorial to do that though. Can someone point me in the right, and most recent direction?

    I've visited gitbrew's tutorials but they are a mess, and look kinda outdated, I've also found this thread here:


    In the requirements It says 'Have a PS3 with a CFW OtherOS++', does the kmeaw have this?

    And is that script really the easiest, and best way?

    thanks in advance

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    Apr 2005
    Not sure if any Kmeaw's have OtherOS++ support, but aside from those HERE the Rebug guys also made available Rebug PS3 CFW Boot OtherOS++ & OtherOS Prep Tool and Rebug CFW 3.41.3 and 3.55.2 OtherOS++ for PS3.

    There is also this Repo from glevand of OtherOS++ CFW that may be of use: http://7track.org/~glevand/ps3/cfw/

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    max59x Guest
    Thanks for that

    Also, I've installed the '22GB for OTHEROS++' version of the firmware, but now I don't know how to boot into Petitboot, I'm guessing I need to install It somehow and It does not come bundled in the CFW right, can you point me once again in the right direction?

    I've found a few tutorials to install Petitboot+OtherOS++ but they require a lot of scripts and they also install OtherOS++ (which I guess I don't need to do with that CFW).

    I've followed all this steps here on Gitbrew: portal.gitbrew.org/wikibrew/PS3:OtherOS%2B%2B

    To install OtherOS on HDD, and now I'm only stuck on the '10. Run script create_hdd_region.sh', I don't know how to run this, what is the command to do so? I also tried to use wget to download the file and install, but It seems petitboot can't connect online.

    thanks in advance, that's the only step I'm missing now.

    Ok, so I got through all the tutorial after all.

    So my very last question I hope, I can't use 'wget' to download anything, so the network is not working in petitboot via wireless, do I need to use an ethernet cable to get network in petitboot?

    Edit: I've reached the end of both tutorials, used the script, the script ran smoothly, It installed everything, but when I try to launch ubuntu from petitboot I get this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    It was an absolute misfire, all this work for nothing.

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    popap Guest
    OTHEROS++ Ubuntu, i just register, i haven't ps3 but now i saw this, i will buy it!

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