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    Oct 2011

    good, i wanted to play this game thanks

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    Heck yeah!

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    Just to say is working like charm

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    Yes but does it work with Move Controls? - Internal or External

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    Should work, says move compatible.

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    Sr. Member shummyr's Avatar
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    Sep 2008

    This is great, thanks for this awesome news

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    Thanks for the feedback, its just that some people have mentioned that using the move controller causes a crash during calibration and that you can only use the regular sixaxis with this.

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    Dec 2010

    There are some reports of this game working with the EUR version of the game by changing the Game ID in the Param.sfo from "BLES#####" to "BLUS30774".

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    Sep 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by test182 View Post
    Yes but does it work with Move Controls? - Internal or External
    it's working with move and external, internal haven't tested.


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