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    matrixdts Guest

    homefront freezing on new campain screen kmeaw 3.55

    Hi, just ftpd homefront onto my friends ps3 but its sticking on the new campain screen. It did update to 1.6 I think would that have affected/ Stopped the game from working? I have installed the eboot and sprx file as advised. Many thanks.

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    cloud41269 Guest
    Homefront is annoying like that. I think best advice is if using eboot and sprx file do not update and do not be using v3.60 spoof. If using spoof dont do anything either, should load up perfectly.

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    matrixdts Guest
    Will test and get back thanks mate.

    Thanks mate deleted game data ftpd eboot back and now it works thanks mate. Got another problem now ftpd crysis 2 and that will not even show up in multiman. Any ideas?

    Don't worry ftpd again and crysis 2 did not show up in latest multiman. Then I deleted gta iv and crysis 2 showed up in multiman and is now running. Really strange, thanks for your help.

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    j3edi Guest
    i wouldnt bother with this game, as it's been unplayable online for almost a month due to issues. check out the homefront homepage and see all the disgruntled customers.

    the single player camapign can be completed in 3-4 hours as its so short and has to be one of the worst of this type of game i hvae ever played.

    don't waste your time trying to get this to work do something else with your time.

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    merkyomum lol Guest
    i agree it can be completd within 3-4 hours.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    if you are running any 3.55 cfw you will need the eboot and sprx fix or run the 3.60 spoof, if you are using the boot fix don't update as the update requires 3.56 if using the spoof it should be ok to do the update.

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