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Thread: HISHAMAGE CFW 4.50 CEX PS3 Custom Firmware is Released

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    luix Guest
    don't use hishamage cfw's! worst cfw's ever

    for dex users: wait for PS3ITA. hisha will copy it, as usual, but don't use it!

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    fantopoulos Guest
    ya i got dinged with a semi brick i reformatted my hard drive then redid all the stuff i had and works now i just ost games on haer dive internal no biggy

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    federic Guest
    hi i have a fat ps3 cfw 4.31 I can do the modification? thanks

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    gigiostars Guest
    Instead of that do something good, make a CFW for all your ZeRo, maybe CEX / DEX!

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    Convoy8X Guest
    Federic, you're a scientist ... Maybe if you speak in English someone understands you. But no you can not make the change from OFW 4.31. only 3.55.

    Federico, you're a scientist ... Maybe if someone understands you speak English. But no you can not make the change from OFW 4.31. only 3.55.

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    Padawan Gatsu Guest
    Bricked my CECHK-01 once going into DEX mode, thank god for a real team like with a flasher to fix poorly made clones like this. Rebug REX is is not!!

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    earthdrm Guest
    Very cool stuff!

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    gigiostars Guest
    for international in Custom firmware 4.31 not OFW lost in translation

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    Arach Guest
    It is not stable CFW. It is composed of various parts from other CFW that just a mix. There are currently no firmware debug 4.55 dex so DEX contributions of this CFW is based on older files as DEX 4.50 or lower.

    In summary, it is dangerous to install if you do not have a flash chip.

    Hishamage is the same team that SGK anyway.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Lots of reads on bricks cause of this one. I can't confirm it. Careful.

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