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    yes- need cfw to install

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    Confused how can I install this?

    I am trying to install this HISHAMAGE CFW 4.50 but when installation is in process (about 72%) appears the message "error 8002F957".

    My current OFW is 4.50 and my PS3 model is CECH-3003B. How can I install this CFW?

    Please help me...???

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    Hi andrewcy,

    You can only install CFW on PS3 that run 3.55 OFW and below. If you wish to install this firmware you will need to flash the console to do so.

    I hope this helps, also if you search your query, you will find out further information as what to do etc.

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    Thanks codboy, i will try to flash the console.

    Do you know how i will find instructions to do this...??

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    Cool HISHAMAGE CFW 4.53 V1.01 CEX PS3 Custom Firmware is Released

    HISHAMAGE CFW 4.53 V1.01 CEX PS3 Custom Firmware is released with details below.

    Download: Hishamage 4.53 V1.01 CEX.rar / Hishamage 4.53 V1.01 CEX.rar (Mirror)

    MD5: 256EBC3BDF820786A6DA6C7095F4AC3C
    • Replaced PS3 Theme
    • Replaced PS3 XMB Wave
    • Fixed Some Bugs
    • Renamed PSN To Hishamage While In Game
    • Better System Stability

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    Hello guys, my advice DONT download this. Got a big brick after doing it. I have a 60gb ps3, it was 4.50 b4 and now i can only access System recovery, as i formated it b4, sometimes it allows me to format, others gives me the 8002f281 error.

    If i try to power up i get a blackscreen and after 20 seconds the ps3 turns off. Tried formatting HDD on PC, tried to install CFW's over system update on system recovery, tried using the composite cable, sigh... bricked for good i guess. If someone can help would be appreciated.

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    Cool Some PlayStation 3 Homebrew Apps Signed To 4.53 - Ready For Testing By Hishamage

    Some PlayStation 3 Homebrew Apps Signed To 4.53- Ready For Testing By Hishamage

    Download: 4.53 Signed Homebrew By Hishamage.rar

    .Rar File Includes

    +Comgenie's Awesome File Manager4.53
    +BlackB0X FTP Client4.53
    +Open PS3 FTP4.53
    +Hishamage XMB Mode

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    Trying it out right now, coming from Rogero 1.50

    wow bricked.

    This guy sucks hard. I gotta format my HDD now just go to back to rogero cfw

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    copy 4.53 cobra. new signatures on lv0 for it

    security: normal

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    Hey Garett, how did you fix it?

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