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    Hishamage 4.65 CEX CFW v1.0 and Hishamage 4.65 PKG Resigner Out

    Following up on my previous revision and Sony's PS3 4.65 Firmware update, today I present Hishamage 4.65 CEX CFW v1.0 and Hishamage 4.65 PKG Resigner with details below.

    Download: 4.65-Hishamage.PUP / Hishamage 4.65 PKG Resigner.rar

    PUP MD5: 1CF0BCD2721B004C597FDBFB4B03ACD1

    Hishamage 4.65 CEX CFW v1.0

    • Made Out Of 4.65 OFW
    • Install Pkg Files & App_Home Added
    • Patched Lv0 ECDSA Checks
    • Patched LV1,LV2 Disable Protection & Add Peek And Poke Support
    • Reactpsn Compatibility + Online/Offline
    • It Can Run Games Signed Up To 4.65
    • Can Be Updated Over Any CFW & OFW 3.55
    • Better System Stability
    • PSP Remaster Support Added
    • QA Flag Enabled If Already Enabled On Previous CFW

    Hishamage 4.65 PKG Resigner

    Just drag and drop your .pkg file on the CFW 4.65+ PKG Resigner--(Drag Here)--Hishamage.bat and your package will be resigned...

    • Updated to Work on 4.65 CFW's

    Hishamage 4.65 CEX CFW v1.0 and Hishamage 4.65 PKG Resigner Out

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    I have promoted the news to our main page now and +Rep for the updates hishamage sbuttoncolor:

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    Hard Brick my CECHG04 Datacode 7D......

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    The Data is corrupted. What's the problem?

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    More brickware because that is all you have ever produced.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lordzxX View Post
    Hard Brick my CECHG04 Datacode 7D......
    dude that is one of the ps3 i have and it works fine, so stop your bs ok

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    tried to use resigner dragged pkg file to it after a while it said 'timeout' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. what am I doing wrong?

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    Cool merci

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    thanx again

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    Can I run Multiman on this one without running into black screens?

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