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    Paft Guest
    I forgot to mention that I tried that but it was giving a corrupt error. Re-downloaded HABIB and it's installing now.


    Whilst I'm here... what's the difference between the STEVEN release?

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    nelsonfx Guest
    Same for me, but im from Rebug 4.46.1

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    harkai Guest
    Hi all,

    I'm on Habib 4.46 v2.05. I had problems with cinavia too. I didn't update the new Habib CFW yet but I did the homebrew Habib MOD v1.1. So after deactivating of cinavia I tried to play a BD disc but after 20mins cinavia turned up. So I had to go to showtime player in multiman and start playing from the file explorer (M2TS, I selected the movie file). This way it seems to be fine, after 45 mins there is still no cinavia.

    My question is is there any way to play a movie with cinavia from XMB?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Cinavia disabled from BR-Disc has always been a tough one. Many have tried to disable it. Maybe habib is on the right road, but still needs work.

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    solidtudor Guest
    I have a PS3 with OFW 4.50. Can I downgrade with this?

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    bitsbubba Guest

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    cortex69 Guest
    can anyone find out if rectpsn really works and how ? I've got issues.

    Also, what about psp minis?

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    coykashi Guest
    will ps2 placeholder will be able to work on this cfw?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Habib 4.50 DB OFW Arrives, Dual-Booting from PS3 OFW to CFW

    Following up on his previous update, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib (aka smhabib) has released what he calls Habib 4.50 DB OFW which allows users to dual-boot going from OFW to play online back to CFW when you so desire.

    Download: HABIB DB OFW.PUP

    PUP Size: 194.59 MB (204,044,644 bytes)
    MD5 Hash: 16743b84c521f30bf182b772b30f9728

    To quote: Hello everyone, today I'm going to share you an OFW in which CFW can be installed over it. Of course, it is for CFW users who play online.


    1. Disabled 2 ecdsa checks which prevented CFW from being installed


    NOTE: QA won't work and mm or any hombrew won't launch

    Trick or treet


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    hayman Guest
    is this real ...?

    can i intall it over Rogero 4.50 and will it works fine ... ?

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