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    hi friends, i'm new here plz some one help, i'm on kmew 3.55 cfw and i want to update my system to 3.50 my ps3 model is CECH-2003B which cfw is safe for me?

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    is it possible to install habib_CFW_4.50 directly on OFW 4.50 ??

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    Sep 2013
    No !

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    Hey please help me.. I have ps3 cech 4008c

    Is there any way to jailbreak it..

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    You should downgrade to 3.41 cfw and than load the 3.55 cfw and from there you can put the 4.41 or 4.50 cfw straight , its simple to upgrade the cfw but tricky to downgrade as i heard from a few people , someone had done the downgrade for me ... try to get downgraded to 3.41 from there its as easy as 123. Download the cfw from rebug or kmeaw or someone.

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    Hello. I need help. I downgrade my cfw habib 4.50 using habib 999 dg from xmb and install toggle qa. Now in system information I've system number 4.46 and I can't update it to other cfw. Game backups not working.

    What's up with that? What I should do now?

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    I think that E3 can do the job !

    You can not downgrade without a flasher !

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    PS3 Flash Tool 1.0 Version 4.50 Patch Update by Habib is Released

    Following up on his Habib CEX 4.50 V1.01 PS3 CFW and the PS3 Flash Auto Patcher v4.50 by Proskopina, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib is back with PS3 Flash Tool 1.0 which includes a 4.50 Version Patch update with details below.

    Download: (10.7 MB) / Downgrade4.50.rar (Mirror)

    To quote: This instrument made ​​by Swizzy, coder very famous for scoring many tools for the Xbox 360, merges with “PS3 Flash Auto Patcher” of Rogero recently updated with patches released byHabib making it one tool.

    The application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 is very simple in its use, just drag the dump over the program that will check all the sections at the end of the control will be all valid if you proceed with the patch.

    You will have 2 modes of operation, a Auto and a Normal (can be enabled with registry files included).

    The Auto mode will control the dump and if it is valid it will automatically patch the files (all in less than 2 seconds). The Normal mode will control the dump and if found valid will ask if you want to apply the patch.

    Place in data folder:
    • patch1n.bin
    • patch1r.bin

    PS3 Flash Tool 1.0 Version 4.50 Patch Update by Habib is Released

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    Is it possible to jailbreak a normal ps3 4.50??

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    Habib CEX 4.50 V1.02 PS3 CFW Custom Firmware is Now Available

    Following up on his previous revision and PS3 4.50 Patch updates, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib (aka smhabib) has updated his HABIB CEX 4.50 PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) to version 1.02 which now includes disabling Cinavia protection.

    Download: HABIB CEX-4.50 V1.02 / HABIB_4.50_V1.02.PUP (Mirror) / HABIB_4.50_V1.02.PUP (Mirror #2)

    MD5: EF1F25CA13B22011A0A9B74DC60A4C38
    Size: 194.77 MB


    1. Made out of 4.50 ofw
    2. Have install package files and app_home
    3. Have ReActPSN compatibility
    4. Patched all coreos ecdsa check
    5. Patched lv2 to add peek/poke supoort
    6. Patched lv1 to disable lv2 protection
    7. Patched lv1 to add peek/ poke support
    8. It can run games signed with keys up to 4.50
    9. Can be updated over any cfw
    10. Can be updated over 3.55 ofw
    11. Added no bt/bd patches
    12. RSOD bypass
    13. ReActPSN offline patch added
    14. Better system stability
    15. PSP remaster support added
    16. QA flag enabled by default if PS3 was QA on 3.55
    17. Removed remote play restriction
    18. In game screenshot enabled
    19. Cinavia protection disabled

    Test performed on CFW:

    Tested on various models, no problem encountered but as any cfw release do not blame me if something goes wrong.

    Habib CEX 4.50 V1.02 PS3 CFW Custom Firmware is Now Available

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